Lago Enriquillo

What make Lake Enriquillo any different or more special than any other lake in the Dominican Republic? The answer is that it is the largest lake in the whole of the Caribbean, as well as the lake set at the lowest point in the Caribbean. On top of all this, it is also rare because it is a fresh salt water lake inhabited by crocodiles.

Lake Enriquillo spans 145 square miles, and is set 148 below sea level. In the center of the lake is Isla Cabritos, which is famous for its population of crocodiles and flamingos.


Situated in the Western side of the Dominican Republic, 5.4 miles west-southwest of Las Clavellinas, Lago Enriquillo invites guests rooming in this area of the Dominican Republic. Whether or not you're staying in this location, you are free to drop by to enjoy a great time. It's 39.0 miles west-northwest of Barahona.

Nearby Restaurants

There are enough food choices in the community around this body of water to keep visitors contented. Community Technology Center is a great eatery to enjoy a meal at before visiting this lake, and offers convenient access to it. Community Technology Center is only about nine miles away from this lake, so check it out and dig in! Also within a short distance, you will have eateries including Hotel Iguana Restaurant and Duverge Internet Cafe allowing you to choose between several eating options.

Nearby Attractions

You'll find at least one or two additional activities nearby, including Isla Cabritos National Park, which is five miles away the Western side of the Dominican Republic. You might also think about heading to Sierra De Baoruco National Park, which is another attraction close by.

Location: the Western side of the Dominican Republic, the Dominican Republic


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