Laguna de Oviedo

The second largest lagoon in the Dominican Republic next to Lake Enriquillo, Laguna de Oviedo is located in Jaragua National Park, and is noted for being a saltwater lake despite the fresh water that flows into the body of water.

Because it is located in a karstic depression, seawater is able to flow up through the bottom of the lake, making it a body of salt water, despite the freshwater that flows down from the Bahoruco Mountain Range. The limestone sediments that appear because of the underground water flow give this lake a unique green hue.

Many visitors make the trek to Laguna de Oviedo because of the interesting species of birds and reptiles that rest here, including flamingos and Rhinoceros Iguana.


Located in the Western side of the Dominican Republic, 3.2 miles southeast of Oviedo, Laguna de Oviedo welcomes local residents and vacationers who are lodging in this section of the Dominican Republic. Even if you aren't staying in the vicinity, you should consider dropping by to enjoy a great time. It's 34.5 miles south-southwest of Barahona.

Nearby Restaurants

Dining options are somewhat rare in the immediate vicinity near this lagoon. Heladeria Olga is a wonderful locale to eat at on your way to visiting Laguna de Oviedo, and will be of particular interest to visitors looking for a convenient meal.

Nearby Attractions

There are some additional places of interest nearby, including Jaragua National Park, which is eight and a half miles away the Western side of the Dominican Republic. Also, you might consider checking out Parque Municipal Enriquillo, which is another attraction in the vicinity.


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