Things to See and Do While Staying at Los Nomadas

Los Nomadas provides a nice range of outdoor possibilities, which adventuresome travelers will want to take advantage of throughout their stay on Hispaniola, the Dominican Republic.

Los Nomadas has one swimming pool on their property, so even during your busiest days it makes a great excuse to go for a swim, or relax by the water. Plenty of visitors like to play at the closest shore even though a swimming pool is located on site. One of the closest beaches to Los Nomadas is Bonita Beach, which is less than a mile away.

Guests here won't have to put their exercise routines on pause; the on-site exercise facility is bound to have all the space and equipment you need.

Family Activities

You are free to bring your children to Los Nomadas, but know that this accommodation option doesn't provide many amenities that are specifically intended for use by families. To look instead at some places with more amenities of particular interest to kids, you might want to consider properties rated best for family vacations.

The site has a game room, where guests of all ages can play arcade games and be social.

Entertainment and Nightlife

This villa complex tends to be calm and quiet after dark. Consequently, this property may not be a top choice for guests who seek after dark entertainment right where they are staying.

In fact, there isn't a nightclub, or even a bar at this villa complex, so guests here won't be kept awake by a noisy dance floor.


Even though there's plenty of activities right on-location, those who enjoy exploring will encounter a handful of interesting things to do and see on Hispaniola. Ultimately, the only binds travelers experience are the ones they place upon themselves. Whether you want to spend some of your vacation out on the water or locate the closest diving opportunity, you will always be able to find something fun to do if you try. Click on these links for information about sightseeing, riding a scooter or bicycle, fishing, scuba diving, shopping, going snorkeling, and other activities you might enjoy.


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