How to Decide What You Want for your Vacation in the Dominican Republic

Travelers will be faced with many choices when planning their vacations

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To get the most out of a trip to the Dominican Republic, travelers should be well informed about their destination. Doing research prior to your trip will give you a better understanding of what this island has to offer and will help to prevent any unpleasant surprises.

There are several things you can research to give you a better understanding of what your vacation will be like: the different regions of the Dominican Republic, which method of travel best fits your vacation needs, and what kind of activities you want to be involved in once you get there.

The Dominican Republic is a poor country, but increasing tourism is helping the economy by bringing about changes that benefit both the locals and tourists. Considering the following suggestions will help you in making decisions about your trip.

Where to Go

If you are a history buff and don't mind spending some time on your feet, you may want to explore Santo Domingo, the country's capital. Santo Domingo is the oldest city in the "New World,"  and has fascinating ancient architecture such as coral stone palaces. The earliest cathedrals, hospitals, and universities date back to 1503.

Vacationers who want to sun bathe on beautiful beaches will find the Amber Coast appealing. This is the most developed area of the island and is geared toward package tourists. Those seeking luxury and postcard perfect beaches should visit the town of Cabarete, which is known around the world for its windsurfing and white sand beaches.

The Dominican Republic is full of wondrous attractions and beautiful sites, and tourists are sure to find the place that best fits their vacationing needs. Vacationers can get a feel for what kind of areas they want to stay in and can then move on to making hotel accommodations and choosing activities.


Most people visiting the Dominican Republic arrive by plane. Also, many cruise lines visit the Republic during a cruise of the Caribbean. Choose your method of arrival based on what best suits your budget and time schedule.

Many direct flights to the Dominican Republic leave from the Americas, Australia, and Europe. Fares will differ depending on which airline you choose, the season in which you are traveling, and the date you purchase your ticket. Explore your flying options in order to find the best rates.

Those who have time to spare may consider stopping in the Republic while visiting the Caribbean, while those who want to arrive directly will find flying to be a better option.

What to Do

Once on the island, you'll want to stay somewhere that fits your vacation plans. When choosing where to stay, consider the factors that are most important to you while on vacation. Do you want a quiet, romantic getaway, or would you rather experience the island's lively night life? Answering these questions will give you some insight on choosing the accommodations that will make your vacation the most enjoyable.

Who you are traveling with also affects your decision about where to stay. Couples who want a quieter vacation may want to make reservations at hotels that are less family oriented, while those traveling with children may find renting a villa beach house with a kitchen to be more comfortable.

Your activity level and the kind of atmosphere that appeals to you play important roles in choosing your island accommodations. Researching the various regions of the Dominican Republic, as well as how to reach the island, will help you make reservations that best fit your vacation plans.


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