What Do I Need to enter the Dominican Republic?

Generally, travelers just need passport and I.D. to enter The Dominican Republic

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Take your passport to the Dominican Republic

Before entering The Dominican Republic, tourists are required to present certain documents before beginning their tropical vacation.

Entry Requirements

Most people that are visiting the Republic are only required to have a few documents before they are allowed entry to the island. One of the first things U.S. citizens will need to enter the country is a valid passport.

It is recommended that all travelers possess a passport in order for a smooth arrival and departure from the island, but as an alternative, visitors from some countries, such as Canada, may present proof of citizenship such as a birth certificate accompanied by a government issued photo I.D. The birth certificate must be an original copy with a raised seal.

Citizens of the United States must also have an alien registration, or green card along with their passport or proof of citizenship. With their passport or other accepted form of documentation, visitors can remain on the island for up to 60 days, and have to have a round trip or return ticket to prove they will be leaving the island.

In addition to their passports, citizens of the United States, U.K., Australia, Canada, and Ireland must purchase a Tourist Card, which is $10(USD). These cards can be purchased at consulates worldwide, or at the airport upon arrival. Sometimes, travel agencies provide Tourist Cards' as a part of their vacation package price.

The Dominican Republic Consulates/Embassies issue several types of Visas, including work, and student Visas. If you are unsure whether or not your visit will require a Visa, contact a travel agent or The Dominican Republic Embassy in your country.

Getting Hitched

Many tourists are so taken in by the romanticism of The Dominican Republic's tropical beauty and gorgeous beaches, that they decided get married while on the island. Marriages among vacationers have become very popular on the island. Couples only have to obtain a Marriage Certificate from the city clerk and produce an original copy of these documents:

  • Passports;

  • Birth certificates;

  • Single Status Affidavits;

  • If the person is divorced, a Divorce Certificate.

Couples will also have to have two witnesses besides the person performing the ceremony. These witnesses will have to provide their passports to verify their identification. Click here to read more about getting married in the Dominican Republic.

Beginning your paradise vacation on The Dominican Republic is virtually hassle-free. All vacationers must do is remember to bring the necessary paperwork, and you are on your way to a truly unforgettable island experience.


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