Planning Your Vacation in the Dominican Republic

Vacation planning allows travelers to arrive prepared

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Dominican Republic Travel Planning

At 18,750 square miles, the Dominican Republic is one of the largest islands in the Caribbean. With so much ground to cover, you will need to plan an itinerary in order to get the full experience of the island.

In order to know what to expect from your trip, sit down and develop a plan of action for your island getaway. There are a few steps in the planning process that will help to make your time you do spend in the Dominican Republic go that much smoother.

Getting Info

Because the Dominican Republic is so large, finding the part of the island that is right for you and your vacation is very important. Different regions of the island will appeal to different vacationers. For example, the southeast region is agricultural and has exciting, luxurious nightlife, whereas the southwest part of the island is more desert-like and less crowded. If you do not conduct the necessary research before going on your vacation, you could end up in an area of the island that may or may not be exactly what you anticipated.


Once you've done a little research, you will have a bit of an idea about how much things will cost, and which items are of a higher priority to you. Put pen to paper and write down how much you intend to spend on items such as travel costs, lodgings, food, entertainment, shopping, and extras. Be sure to consider gratuities where need be, and always set aside some extra money in case of an emergency.

Making Decisions

After research and budgeting, your next step is to start finalizing some plans. Now is the time where you make those hard and fast decisions regarding when you will go, how you will get there, where you will stay, and what you will do once you are there. If you are traveling with a companion, make sure you consult them and take their concerns into account.

Booking Your Trip

The final step in planning your trip to the Dominican Republic is to book it. Through Internet vendors, a travel agent, or even by picking up the phone and doing it yourself, this is when your plans are truly finalized. Make sure you keep a record of your travel information, and any confirmation numbers that may be needed in order to prove that you reserved a room or activity. This may also be a good time to arrange some restaurant reservations.

Whether you want to spend your time amongst the lively hustle and bustle of the all-day happy hour bars, or you prefer a vacation of luxury away from the crowds, doing your homework about the Dominican Republic will ensure that you know just what kind of vacation is in store.


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