Playa Rincon

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Playa Rincon is consistently mentioned as one of the best beaches -- if not the best -- beach in the Dominican Republic, yet it remains uncrowded almost every day of the week. Why? Because the difficult to manage roads leading to the beach turn many who lack an adventurous spirit away. Those who are willing to make the trek will be awed by the ruggedly beautiful setting and get the experience of dipping their toes in the clean, clear waters of Rincon Beach.

Located in the Samana Peninsula, west of Las Galeras, Playa Rincon is on the North East coast of Hispaniola. You should think about stopping by even if you aren't staying very close. Even if you love being in the middle of all the action, there are some perks to visiting a beach that isn't crowded into a major metropolitan area; the lovely, less-traveled shores of beaches like Playa Rincon are perfect for getting away from it all.

How to Access The Beach
There are several ways to get to Playa Rincon, all of which are time consuming. The first option is a ferry ride from Las Galeras Beach. This ride takes approximately a half an hour and costs about $12(USD) per person. Another option is a $50(USD) taxi ride from Las Galeras. If you'd like to take matters into your own hands, you'll need to rent a vehicle with four wheel drive and excellent suspension. Departing from Las Terrenas, a well-marked road directing you to Rincon Beach will take you on a very bumpy trip that lasts 45 minutes to an hour, despite being only eight miles long.

Amenities and Ambiance

Playa Rincon is located at the base of the Cape Cabron Mountain, which stretches up 2000 feet and provides shade to the beach. Down below, the beach stretches along the coast for three miles, featuring sugar white sand, palm groves, and turquoise waters. A nearby lagoon of freshwater is the icing on Rincon's cake.

Keep in mind that restrooms won't be found on-site.

If you usually choose sunny days which grant an angelic place to escape, then you will want to try Playa Rincon; it is back within a less urbanized area of the region.

What's Nearby


The beach is wonderful, but the surrounding area has a lot to offer, too. Look for it on the Dominican Republic's North East coast. Iguanario Los Tocones is one of a few area's attractions.

Historical attractions such as St. Peter's Church provide a nice compliment to the scenery of Playa Rincon, and allow visitors to learn more about the Dominican Republic, without having to stray too far from the beach. As a matter of fact, this shore is eight miles to the south west of this historical destination.

If a visit to the Playa Rincon isn't enough to keep you busy all afternoon, the following table shows the closest options.

Activities and Attractions Near Playa Rincon
Attraction Type Distance Direction Island
Iguanario Los Tocones Zoo 1.4 SSE Hispaniola
Shipwreck Maritime Museum Museum 7.9 SW Hispaniola
St. Peter's Church Historical Site 7.9 SW Hispaniola
Parroquia de Samana Historical Site 7.9 SW Hispaniola
Whale Museum Of Samana Museum 8.4 SW Hispaniola

Cities and Towns

Playa Rincon is close to Samana, so exploring the city is a convenient option. Playa Rincon visitors looking for other interesting places to see should think about heading to Samana, since it's not far away and is a particularly busy area of the Dominican Republic.


The number of other vacationers sharing this coastline can vary widely, it depends mainly on when you visit, and how many of the nearby hotel rooms have been booked. There are not many large hotels nearby, but you may encounter visitors from the few small lodgings in the area.

Because this beach is located in a pretty popular vacation spot, it shouldn't be that difficult to find exactly the kind of hotel you're looking for nearby. For guests hoping to find a place that's near the beach, the table that follows lists the closest accommodation options to Playa Rincon.

Accommodations near Playa Rincon
Hotel Distance Direction Type
Casa Dorado -- -- B & B
Las Mariposas 3.3 mi. E Cottages
Sol Azul -- -- Guest house
Villa Serena Hotel 3.4 mi. E Hotel
El Marinique 3.5 mi. E Hotel
Hotel Plaza Lusitania 3.6 mi. E Hotel
Casa Por Que No? 3.7 mi. E B & B
Todo Blanco Hotel 3.7 mi. E Hotel
Grand Paradise Samana 4.2 mi. E Resort
La Rancheta Guesthouse 4.9 mi. E Guest house


If you're on the beach and start to get the munchies, don't worry, you'll have plenty of places to dine, without having to go too far. Comedor Isabelle is one of the closest eateries.

The table below provides a list of nearby restaurant options.

Restaurants near Playa Rincon
Restaurant Name Phone Cuisine Style Distance Direction
Comedor Isabelle -- -- -- 3.0 mi. E
C L'Aventura de John -- Italian -- -- --
Comedor Rossy -- Latin American -- -- --
End of the Road (809) 538-0127 Caribbean Very Casual -- --
Pollera Pico Blanco -- Latin American Very Casual -- --
Poseidon Restaurante Typico (849) 258-6749 Creole Very Casual -- --
Restaraunte Las Galeras -- Creole -- -- --
Boutique Restaurant (809) 538-0000 Caribbean Fine Dining 3.4 mi. E
El Pescador (809) 523-3333 Creole, Spanish -- 3.5 mi. E
Patiserrie Française -- -- -- 3.5 mi. E
Chez Denise (809) 538-0219 French Informal 3.6 mi. E
Gri-Gri (829) 705-2894 Creole Very Casual 3.6 mi. E

Other Beaches

Of course, there are more fantastic beaches besides Playa Rincon on Hispaniola.

You might also enjoy Bonita Beach, located certainly within a car's reach of the coast. Others might prefer Colorada Beach, which could provide a few more possibilities for excitement, and is closer to other tourist hot-spots.

You might also want to visit Las Galeras Beach, which is located not too far away, meaning a short ride in a taxi will get you here pretty easily.

The Dominican Republic has some unforgettable natural wonders to explore, so visiting Playa Rincon is just one way you can enjoy a sunny afternoon.


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