The Dominican Republic Post Card Madness

Mail may take a few weeks to reach its destination


Most vacationers will find occasion to send word home during their trip, and others will have need to conduct business from abroad. Travelers who need quick contact methods may choose to use phone, fax, or email to get in touch while traveling in the Dominican Republic, although there are available postal services for traditional hand-written letters.

Some travelers prefer the traditional and historical method of putting pen to paper to send word home to friends and loved ones. The best option for those sending mail home is to go through the central post in Santo Domingo, which is located at Centro de los Héroes in Santo Domingo, (809-534-5838).

Regular postage rates will be about RD$2 to RD$3 to the United States, and RD$4 to Europe. Travelers should realize that currency rates fluctuate and should always check the conversion rate as their trip approaches.  For a higher cost, letters can be sent through express mail or express or overnight through an international mailing service. Mail sent through the air can take ten days to one month to reach destinations in North America, Europe, and the Pacific.

Post offices are open from 7:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Many resort hotels also offer postal services to their guests and these may also be reliable forms of sending mail while vacationing in the Dominican Republic.


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