Sierra De Baoruco National Park

Over half of all plant species are represented at Sieera de Bahoruco National Park, where you can find over 1200 different species, making this park ecologically crucial for the nation. Additionally, there is some historic value here, as the park was once the final stronghold of the Taino Chief Enriquillo who successfully won a limited autonomy for his people after fourteen years of war.

This natural and historic site offers visitors plenty of opportunity to hike along the trails that will bring them to a variety of areas of significance.


Sierra De Baoruco National Park is located 4.7 miles east-southeast of Puerto Escondido, a hamlet in the Western side of the Dominican Republic; it is 27.1 miles to the west of Barahona.

Nearby Restaurants

Food and drink choices aren't widely available in the area surrounding this wildlife reservation. Duverge Internet Cafe is a wonderful restaurant to eat at before visiting this wildlife reservation, and offers quick access to it.

Nearby Attractions

Other kinds of local activities include Parque Central De Cristóbal, which is 14 miles away Cristobal.

Location: the Western side of the Dominican Republic, the Dominican Republic


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