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Local taxis are a great way to hit the streets of the Dominican Republic

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Once you arrive in the Dominican Republic, you're all set to begin the real traveling: exploring everything the country has to offer, from incredible natural diversity to intriguing urban life. Taxis are a great way for vacationers to get around the island without missing a second of the scenery.

Taxis in the Dominican Republic are as unique as the country itself. The vehicles may range from newer models complete with air-conditioning to large publicos, a type of bus-taxi hybrid. When selecting a taxi, steer clear of the private cars you may find waiting outside airports, docks, and hotels. Instead, look for a well-marked car and then ask to see the driver's ID card. Do not accept a ride from an unlicensed operator.

Taxi Companies

When you arrive in the Dominican Republic, reference the following list of cab operators. You can put in a call to one of these companies and a cab will usually come to get you within five minutes. These companies want your business and will work to accommodate your needs. If you ask for an English-speaking driver, or an air conditioned vehicle, they will typically do their best to oblige.

If you'd rather call ahead for a taxi to meet you at a specific time and place, feel free to contact any one of these these taxi services.

Taxi Services
Name Phone Location
Alfredo M Taxi (809) 819-9095 Sosua
Antena Taxi (809) 686-8686 37 Mexico Avenue - 2.2 mi. (3.5 km) West of Santo Domingo
Apolo Taxi (809) 537-0000 462 Twenty-seventh of February Avenue - Santo Domingo
Bambino Taxi (809) 602-1679 Santo Domingo
Bucan Taxi Service (809) 579-2246 Monte Cristi
Caribe Tours Taxi Boca Chica (809) 221-4422 Boca Chica
Ciabao Airport Taxi Stand (809) 233-8245 Aeropuerto Internacional Cibao - 7.7 mi. (12.4 km) Southeast of Santiago De Los Caballeros
Dominican Quest (877) 223-2707 Autopista Las Americas - Boca Chica
Jesus Garcia Taxi (809) 453-9699 Sosua
Merengue Taxi (809) 578-0707 Moca
Metro Expreso (809) 566-7126 Boca Chica
Moto-Taxi Enlace (809) 572-1717 Mao
Oper Taxi (809) 599-5555 Downtown Santo Domingo
Pedro Reyes Taxi (809) 977-4995 Sosua
Rafael Guzman Taxi (809) 986-2387 Sosua
Rosario Taxi Rental (809) 399-0427 Sosua
Rossy Taxi (809) 585-4666 M T Sanchez 42 - Esperanzas
Sajoma Taxi (809) 578-8778 30 De Marzo 46 - San Jose De Las Matas
Sindtrataxi (809) 524-3003 Barahona
Taxi Aero Taxi (809) 221-7330 R Cochia 38 - Downtown Santo Domingo
Taxi Caribbean (809) 572-7500 Mexico 36 - Mao
Taxi Colonial (809) 221-1973 El Conde 60 - Downtown Santo Domingo
Taxi El Salto (809) 574-2909 Colon 3 - Jarabacoa
Taxi-Sosua (809) 571-3097 Sosua
Willy Fernandez Taxi (809) 860-2846 Sosua

Rates, Fares, and Fees

Perhaps the most challenging part of taking a cab will be determining your fare. For starters, all cabs in the Dominican Republic are unmetered, which makes speaking with your driver and negotiate a fare before you actually get in very important. Many popular destinations will be covered by a rate table that can be found in airports or some larger hotels. If your trip is not included on these tables, you will need to make arrangements with your driver.

Make a point of agreeing upon a currency, as well, since both U.S. dollars and Dominican pesos are accepted. Bear in mind that drivers are not always able to provide change, especially for foreign currency.

One local taxi company provides the following guidelines for figuring out a fare:

  • Prepare to spend RD$45 just for sitting down, and anticipate a rate of RD$5 for every kilometer. (This equals about RD$8 per mile.) Remember, however, that since there are no meters in the taxis, your driver will be the one to determine how far you have traveled at the end of your trip.

  • If you would rather have an absolute standard, offer your driver a rate of RD$100 per hour. This may require a bit of negotiation, but most operators will be happy to establish an hourly rate, which can make it easier to estimate your fare.

  • Tours of the area are available for $15(USD) an hour, with a two hour minimum.

Wanting to know what it costs to use a taxi? See the following chart.

Typical Fares Around Dominican Republic
Typical Cost (USD) Location A Location B
$ 38.50 - $ 44.50 Downtown Puerto Plata Luperon
$ 45.00 - $ 52.00 Downtown Puerto Plata Santiago De Los Caballeros
$ 35.00 - $ 40.00 Downtown Santo Domingo Boca Chica
$ 450.00 Punta Cana Samana
$ 113.00 - $ 130.25 Downtown Puerto Plata Monte Cristi
$ 92.85 - $ 106.75 Downtown Puerto Plata San Francisco De Macoris
$ 169.00 - $ 194.75 Downtown Puerto Plata Samana
$ 19.00 Isla Verde Fortaleza San Felipe
$ 300.00 Punta Cana Santiago De Los Caballeros
$ 165.00 Punta Cana Juan Dolio
$ 450.00 Punta Cana San Juan De La Maguana
$ 120.00 Punta Cana El Seibo
$ 150.00 Punta Cana San Pedro De Macoris
$ 200.00 Punta Cana Downtown Santo Domingo
$ 160.00 Punta Cana Miches
$ 120.00 Punta Cana La Romana
$ 220.00 Punta Cana San Cristobal
$ 15.00 - $ 16.00 Arecibo Hatillo
$ 175.00 Punta Cana Boca Chica
$ 70.00 Punta Cana Higuey
$ 120.00 Punta Cana Bayahibe
$ 60.00 Punta Cana La Otra Banda
$ 150.00 Punta Cana Hato Mayor
$ 165.00 - $ 180.00 Downtown Santo Domingo Samana
$ 90.00 - $ 95.00 Downtown Santo Domingo La Vega
$ 200.00 Punta Cana Sabana De La Mar
$ 175.00 Punta Cana Las Américas International Airport
$ 40.00 - $ 45.00 Downtown Santo Domingo Juan Dolio Beach
$ 67.75 - $ 78.00 Aeropuerto Internacional Cibao San Francisco De Macoris
$ 10.00 San Juan Cruise Port Fortaleza San Felipe
$ 20.00 - $ 25.00 Aeropuerto Internacional Cibao Moca
$ 98.60 - $ 113.50 Punta Cana International Airport Hato Mayor
$ 154.10 - $ 177.25 Punta Cana International Airport Downtown Santo Domingo
$ 94.00 - $ 108.25 Punta Cana International Airport San Pedro De Macoris
$ 15.00 - $ 19.00 La Romana Port Casa De Campo
$ 45.00 - $ 56.00 La Romana Port Dominicus Beach
$ 20.00 - $ 25.00 La Romana Port La Romana International Airport
$ 20.00 - $ 25.00 La Romana Port Casa De Campo Marina
$ 100.00 - $ 115.00 Aeropuerto Internacional Cibao Downtown Santo Domingo
$ 118.50 - $ 138.50 Sans Souci Terminal La Romana
$ 100.00 - $ 125.00 La Romana Port Las Américas International Airport
$ 7.15 - $ 8.50 Sans Souci Terminal Zona Colonial
$ 27.25 - $ 32.00 Sans Souci Terminal Las Américas International Airport
$ 6.00 - $ 7.15 Sans Souci Terminal National Aquarium
$ 52.10 - $ 60.00 Punta Cana International Airport La Romana
$ 138.25 - $ 159.00 Punta Cana International Airport Sabana De La Mar
$ 120.00 - $ 150.00 La Romana Port Punta Cana
$ 6.75 - $ 7.95 Sans Souci Terminal Hard Rock Cafe Zona Colonial
$ 7.50 - $ 9.00 Sans Souci Terminal Palacio Nacional
$ 120.00 - $ 150.00 La Romana Port Downtown Santo Domingo
$ 15.00 - $ 19.00 La Romana Port La Romana
$ 20.00 - $ 25.00 La Romana Port Altos De Chavon
$ 231.20 - $ 265.88 Punta Cana International Airport Sanchez
$ 48.75 - $ 56.10 Aeropuerto Internacional Cibao Puerto Plata
$ 5.25 - $ 6.25 Sans Souci Terminal El Faro A Colón
$ 5.50 - $ 6.50 Sans Souci Terminal Fortaleza Ozama
$ 33.25 - $ 39.00 Sans Souci Terminal Boca Chica
$ 118.85 - $ 136.75 Aeropuerto Internacional Cibao Monte Cristi
$ 35.00 - $ 40.25 Las Américas International Airport Santo Domingo

The U.S. dollar and the Dominican peso have no fixed exchange rate, so check the rates immediately before departing for your trip. Generally, $1(USD) will be worth between RD$30 and RD$40.

Other Notes

It is also important to note that is legal for children to ride on their parents lap rather than in a car seat or booster seat in a taxi. If you don't feel comfortable with this, remember to bring your own safety seat from home.  Another important fact to be aware of is a recent string of crimes against tourists getting into cabs.  Local criminals have a habit of reaching in open windows and snatching purses and bags then taking.  As you should be in any unfamiliar situation, keep your guard up so the chances of this happening to you is slim.

Caro publicos are another option for travelers. These cars resemble regular taxis, but have specified posted routes like buses. Each car will fill to capacity and will pick up and drop off passengers at any point. You may tell the driver your stop when you get in, or simply point it out and give a yell when you near your destination. Publicos are generally less expensive than traditional taxis, averaging around RD$10 per passenger. Drivers require exact change, so be sure to have a variety of cash denominations on hand.

Taxis are very appealing to travelers who would rather enjoy the view than struggle with maps and unfamiliar driving procedures. Although taxis can be somewhat pricey, the opportunity to sit back and take in the beauty of the Dominican Republic is one that many vacationers find priceless.

Additional Information

This large nation has roads that reach every city, town, and village, making a taxi a prime way to get around. However, keep in mind that the information you read above is just general. To learn about the specific policies and options avaliable in the different cities, you will need to read our local taxi guides. Some of our most popular for the Dominican Republic can be found below.

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