Wanna Talk in the Dominican Republic?

Phone calls are easily made on The Dominican Republic

Photo credit: © Wrangler | Dreamstime.com

Pick up the phone and call home if you'd like. The Dominican Republic's telephone system is not complicated and allows vacationers to stay connected with their home countries and the rest of the world.

Making phone call in The Dominican Republic is not unlike using the phone in the United States or Canada. The area code on the island is 809, and to make a local phone call all you have to do is dial the seven-digit number. Vacationers can directly call the United States and Canada by dialing one, then the area code, followed by the seven-digit number. To phone the U.K., 011, the country and city codes, and then the number. To call other countries, dial the country code as well. For emergency situations, dial 911.

The main telephone service providers on the island are Verizon and Tricom, which have communications offices found in most major towns, cities, and tourist areas. Most hotels and Internet cafes have phones where patrons can make long distance phone calls at reasonable rates.

If you need a phone on the go, there are a number of pay phones on the island. Vacationers can purchase phone cards at most local stores, which can be more cost efficient when making international phone calls. Cellular phones can also be rented at airports or Codetel communications center. These phones come with battery and charger and cost about $0.69(USD) per day and $0.55(USD) per minute of airtime.

Cellular phones on The Dominican Republic operate at the same frequency as those in the Unites States, which is 1900 MHZ, and the rest of the world including Europe operates on 1800 MHZ frequency. Contact your cellular provider to find out your coverage and roaming ability.


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