How Then Shall We Tip in the Dominican Republic?

Leaving tips shows your appreciation for your waitstaff

Photo credit: © Mircea Nicolescu |

Tips provide workers in the service industry with needed and valuable income, and many work hard to ensure that your vacation experience is pleasant. Be sure to tip appropriately when traveling to the Dominican Republic to acknowledge your service staff.

Most checks at restaurants or hotels start with a hefty government tax and are followed with a 10 percent service charge. While there is this added service charge, if service was helpful and without problems, it is customary to leave an extra gratuity on top of the included charge. On top of the service charge added by your hotel, guests should plan on leaving a small amount ( $1(USD) ) to the cleaning staff in their hotel. A tip of at least RD$10 per bag should be given to those who handle bags, whether they are porters at a hotel or airport. Taxi drivers are customarily provided with a 10 percent tip.

Tips comprise a small, but necessary part of your budget when traveling to any foreign country. Workers in the hotel, dining, and transportation industries pride themselves on providing friendly and helpful service to those visiting their country. A tip, often a small amount, will show your appreciation while staying in the Dominican Republic.


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