Weather in the Dominican Republic in February

The harsh winter weather that many locations experience during the month of February is nowhere to be found on the Dominican Republic, where the average daily temperature floats above the mid-70s. Rain and other precipitation is also infrequent, making the island climate perfect for visitors eager to do some outdoor exploration.

Typical Weather in February

During February the temperatures in the Dominican Republic typically vary between a daily high of about 82.0 degrees and a daily low of approximately 70.0 degrees


The Dominican Republic in February: Key Facts
Monthly Averages
High Low Rainfall
No. of Days
with Rain
82.0° F 70.0° F 1.7 N.A.

On a typical February day, during the early morning hours you will probably find the temperature will be around 70.2 degrees. Temperatures in the Dominican Republic typically rise during the day, to an average of 82.3 degrees in the early afternoon. The temperature in the Dominican Republic will typically decline by early evening, to approximately 75.6 degrees. Overall, temperatures in the Dominican Republic during February average around 75.5 degrees.


February Temperatures in The Dominican Republic by Time of Day
Early Morning Late Morning Early Afternoon Late Afternoon Early Evening Overall
70.2° F 80.3° F 82.3° F 80.6° F 75.6° F 75.5° F



Rain is most likely to occur around 5:00 PM during the month of February, and it is least likely to occur around 11:00 AM. As shown below, if a thunderstorm occurs in February, it is most likely to occur around 5:00 PM.


February Rainfall in The Dominican Republic by Time of Day
  Percent Frequencies of Hourly Observations
Hour Rain
2:00 AM 6.7 % 0.4 %
5:00 AM 6.6 % 0.8 %
8:00 AM 7.1 % 0.3 %
11:00 AM 4.4 % 0 %
2:00 PM 12.3 % 0.3 %
5:00 PM 13.5 % 1.8 %
8:00 PM 11 % 0.7 %
11:00 PM 6.1 % 0.8 %
ALL 8.6 % 0.6 %


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