Zumbador Waterfall

This recently discovered waterfall is the newest addition to the Dominican Republic's growing list of natural attractions. Travel deep into the forest and swim in this treasure that has been hidden from man for the past centuries.

Just because this waterfall was hidden does not mean it is small; this waterfall is over sixty-five feet tall! Additionally, this waterfall actually has three symmetrical groups that all empty into a large pool, great for swimming in an enclave between a dense canopy of trees.


Zumbador Waterfall is located northwest of Anegadizo, a village in the Eastern side of the Dominican Republic; it's to the south-southwest of Samana.

This new waterfall is located near the town of El Valle, in Los Haitises National Park. As such, a direct route is not yet solidified. However, the main road that branches off of JFK and continues west from El Valle will take you into the National Park and across the river. It is suggested that you contact a local or a tour guide to show you the specific location of the waterfall.

Nearby Restaurants

The area near the waterfall is not precisely well-known for its array of food and beverage options, but tourists with an adventuresome attitude may happen upon a place to eat some food. Fon Von Restaurant, which sells International food, is also the most convenient option for visitors of this waterfall.

Nearby Attractions

You'll find some additional places of interest in the area, including Museo Parque Nacional de los Haitises, which is within traveling range on Sabana De La Mar. Also, you might think about heading over to Parque de los Heroes, which is another attraction not far away.

If a visit to the Zumbador Waterfall isn't enough to keep you busy all afternoon, the following table shows the closest options.

Attractions Near Zumbador Waterfall
Attraction Type Distance Direction Location
Museo Parque Nacional de los Haitises Museum 7.3 mi. (17.5 km) NE Sabana De La Mar
Parque de los Heroes -- 7.5 mi. (17.1 km) NE Sabana De La Mar
Bocina de Titi Other Activities/Excursions 7.7 mi. (16.8 km) NE Sabana De La Mar
Parque Municipal Sabana -- 7.9 mi. (16.5 km) NE Sabana De La Mar

More Information

Location: the Eastern side of the Dominican Republic, Hispaniola


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