Dorado Attractions

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A stroll through Downtown Dorado is not only a pleasurable way to spend some time, but it is a cultural experience as well.  Within walking distance of one another are several museums and historic buildings that help visitors understand the importance of local culture.  It is also easy to learn about nature with a agricultural and ecological park right in town, and a few beaches which have maintained great reviews for years.  


Cerro Gordo Beach

You will find a large number of beaches to enjoy in and around the area. Just click on the name of each beach for more detail concerning that individual beach.

Los Tocores Beach: Los Tocores dips into the coast in a shape almost like a crescent, and features tan colored sand and deep aquamarine waters. As you move inland, the landscape is thick with trees and a row of hotels.

A second alternative for beach-goers to consider is Dorado Beach. Dorado Beach is located off PR 165.

Cerro Gordo Beach: Cerro Gordo Beach is a government run beach in Vega Alta, approximately 45 minutes from San Juan. This beach is a favorite amongst locals, yet remains much quieter than the beaches in resort laden areas of Puerto Rico.

These are only some of the options. Navigate to this page if you'd like more specifics.


If you like to expand your knowledge of other places and cultures, you should consider visiting a museum during your time in Dorado.

Many travelers choose to visit Science Park. It is located in Bayamon, 8.6 mi. East-Southeast of central Dorado. Part park and part museum, the Science Park is dedicated to the achievements of all mankind, and features models and reproductions of rocket ships and other great inventions. Go ahead and walk around and see all there is to see at this large outdoor museum.

The following chart has more details on a museum you might enjoy nearby.

Museums Near Dorado
Name Phone Location Island
Science Park (787) 740-6868 8.6 mi. East-Southeast of Central Dorado Puerto Rico

Natural Attractions

Bosque Estatal De Vega

Vacationers who like the open air will typically enjoy visiting Bosque Estatal De Vega. Established to preserve the aquifer that lies beneath the park, it is part of Puerto Rico's plan in preparing for the growing population and urbanization of the island. This part of the plan has a forest that acts as a natural filter for water entering the aquifer, as well as limiting the consumption by the population.

Another option you might want to visit is Laguna Tortuguero Nature Reserve. One of the most critical ecosystems in all of Puerto Rico, the Laguna Tortuguero is home to almost one-thousand species of plants and animal life that is constantly loosing living space elsewhere on the island. Most noticeably, guests will have no problem spotting crocodiles and a variety of birds.

Fortunately, you'll find other natural attractions. To read our guide to natural attractions near Dorado, click here.


Puerto Rico Casinos

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