Beaches in Dorado

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Dorado means “golden” in Spanish, a name that becomes evident when you step on the shore and the glinting metallic color of the sand shines bright in your eyes.  Lapped by crystalline waters, it is easy to see why this stretch of coast along the north shore is an exclusive resort community.  

Which Beaches Are Available?

You will find a large number of beaches to choose from in and around the area. For more detail concerning one particular beach simply click on the names of the ones you're interested in.

Cerro Gordo Beach

Cerro Gordo Beach: Cerro Gordo Beach is located the junction of Calle Principal and PR-690. Parking is $3(USD).

Another option for beach-goers to consider is Vega Baja Beach. As one of the many North Shore beaches of Puerto Rico, Vaga Baja Beach does not have too much that makes it unique from its neighbors. However, one feature that helps Vega Baja stand out is the very small string of tiny islands just off the coast, giving the beach a weird mix of both rough waves and calm waters.

Puerto Neuvo Beach: This interesting beach is located behind a large rock formation, giving Puerto Nuevo Beach oddly peaceful waters in an area that is usually very rough, making it popular with swimmers. The rocks that give the beach its peace takes the brunt force of the ocean, and visitors can stand on some of the large rocks and watch the waves crash into them.

Check the following table for more information about beaches located in and around the area.

Beaches In and Around Dorado
Name Location Coast
Cerro Gordo Beach 4.4 mi. West of Central Dorado North East
Condado Beach 13.2 mi. East of Central Dorado North East
Dorado Beach 1.9 mi. East of Central Dorado North East
Escambrion Beach 12.2 mi. East of Central Dorado South East
Los Tocores Beach 2.2 mi. West of Central Dorado North East
Mar Chiquita Beach 14.7 mi. West of Central Dorado North
Puerto Neuvo Beach 8.2 mi. West of Central Dorado North
Vega Baja Beach 6.7 mi. West of Central Dorado North

Luckily, you can find plenty of other types of attractions. Click this link to see our page concerning other interesting attractions for Dorado.


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