Katrina's Restaurant

Your opinion of Katrina's Restaurant will likely depend on your dining style. Some claim it has a great ambiance to match the food, while others admit the food is great but the dinginess of the restaurant as a whole does not make it worth the trip.


Katrina's Restaurant is a popular grill that happens to specialize in Creole cuisine. When it comes to dress code and level of service, this restaurant's setting is very casual. This location is open for both dinner and lunch, so consider stopping by.


Katrina's Restaurant is situated in the heart of Dorado.

This area has its advantages, such as Dorado Del Mar Golf Club and Dorado Beach. Dorado Beach is the closest spot to enjoy the beach, and nestles itself just a short distance from the restaurant.

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Contact Info

Location: Costa De Oro Balneario Avenue, Dorado, Puerto Rico

Phone: (787) 278-3183


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