Cuban Cuisine in Dorado

When the craving strikes for Cuban cuisine, don't pass up an opportunity to spoil yourself. Even though you may find your options somewhat limited, you can still find a few places in Puerto Rico offering this type of food.

With lots to tempt your palate, from the informal backdrop at Metropol Dorado to the neighborhood eateries where drinks are just as crucial as the the chef-prepared favorites, there's something special waiting for each person in your party and all types of budgets.

The following list allows you to preview the few choices for Cuban eateries that you may be referred to during your vacation. For each restaurant, you can click its name to discover the details about its specialties, style, and what you can do nearby.

Metropol Guaynabo

Guaynabo | (787) 272-7000

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Metropol Guaynabo is a smart choice that's worth considering if you're exploring this part of the city and the surrounding area. It is 7.1 miles south of Old San Juan. Fresh fish and Cuban flavors make a nice pair at this crazy tasty restaurant.

With broad entree types including beef, pork, and rice entrees, Metropol takes the traditional dishes of Cuba and adapts them to a Puerto Rican taste. The result is a unique style that you are unlikely to find elsewhere.

Metropol Dorado

Dorado | (787) 278-5500

Metropol Dorado is located toward the heart of Dorado. Sure to please everyone, Metropol Dorado isn't just Cuban themed dishes and of course chicken, but it's also known for seafood.

Warm peaches and oranges on the walls make the bistro style restaurant meets bar a warm environment to relax with a hearty home style meal. Because it is located in a suburban area, but near hotels and apartment rentals, it remains a family-friendly spot to dine.

El Capitan

Dorado | (787) 278-0011

Positioned near the center of Dorado, El Capitan is on At Exit 511 South. Lovely, mild seafood and Cuban style eats are made for each other at this favorite dining option.

At El Capitan, you'll find the days fresh catches laid out on ice waiting for you to select. Of course, they are best known for their lobster, which is only $15(USD) a pound on Thursdays.

Similar Food

Carli's Fine Bistro & Piano

If your preferences are flexible, you might like distinctly different, but still related restaurants like these:

Restaurants with Similar Cuisine
Restaurant Name Phone Cuisine Location
Airenumo Restaurant Bar & Lounge -- Spanish Old San Juan, 10.4 mi. East of Central Dorado
El Buren Restaurant (787) 977-5023 Caribbean Old San Juan, 10.3 mi. East of Central Dorado
El Picoteo (800) 468-2779 Spanish Old San Juan, 10.3 mi. East of Central Dorado
Don Tello Restaurant (787) 788-1951 Creole 10.6 mi. East of Central Dorado
La Villa Dorada De Alberto (787) 278-1715 Caribbean 0 mi. North of Central Dorado
El Conejo (787) 220-5665 Creole 0 mi. North of Central Dorado
Caficultura (787) 723-7731 Spanish Old San Juan, 10.7 mi. East of Central Dorado
La Ostra Cosa (787) 722-2672 Creole 10.2 mi. East of Central Dorado
Parrot Club (787) 725-7370 Caribbean Old San Juan, 10.7 mi. East of Central Dorado
Los Gorditos Bayamon (787) 269-9879 Spanish 9.1 mi. Southeast of Central Dorado

Oftentimes, the best food and drink options in Puerto Rico are those that you didn't expect to find yourself craving as you're out doing activities and seeing attractions. Of course, it doesn't hurt to learn about dining in a particular region in advance. To find out more information regarding the culinary options waiting for you, check out this page.


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