Cuban Cuisine in Dorado

If you can't get enough Cuban food, don't miss out on an opportunity to indulge yourself. Though not incredibly abundant, there are a few locations in Puerto Rico where you can try some.

With plenty of variety, from the informal locale of Metropol Dorado to the cafes whose signature dishes are worth adding to your vacation scrapbook, you could encounter a dish worth sending a postcard about.

Before your trip begins, you can browse the limited selection of Cuban restaurants you'll encounter during your stay. On each restaurant's name, click to view more information about its dress code, food, or even nearby attractions.

Metropol Guaynabo

Guaynabo | (787) 272-7000

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Metropol Guaynabo is found in Guaynabo, a city in the vicinity of San Juan; seven miles (11 and a half kilometers) to the south of Old San Juan. Fresh catches from and Cuban food make for a bold combo at this favorite restaurant.

This Metropol location features contemporary decor with sleek lines and a unique ceiling fixture. The walls are warm and inviting in deep oranges.

Metropol Dorado

Dorado | (787) 278-5500

Metropol Dorado is situated outside the center of Dorado. Not only do they have festive fare including Cuban creations and one favorite, chicken, but they're also dubbed a hotspot for seafood.

The menu at Metropol consists of classic Cuban food that has been adopted by the people of Puerto Rico. The result is a fresh new taste that is familiar to both Cubans and Puerto Ricans, yet unique. Guests can choose from a wide selection of soups, salads, meats, chicken, seafood, desserts, cocktails and wines. Some of their most famous plates are the Stuffed Cornish Hen and the "Fiesta Cubana" which is a combination of typical Cuban dishes: Congri, Tamale, Pork, Casava, Pot Roast, and Shredded Beef.

El Capitan

Dorado | (787) 278-0011

El Capitan is located in the heart of Dorado. Beautiful seafood and Cuban food are made for each other at this enjoyable restaurant.

At El Capitan, you'll find the days fresh catches laid out on ice waiting for you to select. Of course, they are best known for their lobster, which is only $15(USD) a pound on Thursdays.

Similar Food

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If your heart's not set on this cuisine in particular, you might like distinctly different, but still related places like the following:

Restaurants with Similar Cuisine
Restaurant Name Phone Cuisine Location
Cafetteria Mallorca (787) 724-4607 Caribbean Old San Juan, 10.5 mi. East of Central Dorado
Punto de Vista Restaurant & Bar (787) 729-7575 Spanish 10.8 mi. East of Central Dorado
Barrachina San Juan (787) 725-7912 Spanish Old San Juan, 10.4 mi. East of Central Dorado
Palio (787) 721-5100 Spanish Old San Juan, 10.7 mi. East of Central Dorado
Restaurante Raices San Juan (787) 289-2121 Spanish Old San Juan, 10.7 mi. East of Central Dorado
Airenumo Restaurant Bar & Lounge -- Spanish Old San Juan, 10.4 mi. East of Central Dorado
Happy Crab (787) 794-4400 Creole 0 mi. North of Central Dorado
Aguaviva (787) 724-2535 Caribbean Old San Juan, 10.4 mi. East of Central Dorado
Inca Chicken (787) 727-1556 Creole 8.2 mi. West of Central Dorado
Beach Bohio Bar & Grill (787) 486-7915 Caribbean 0 mi. North of Central Dorado

Guests often find that the best places to try any cuisine in Puerto Rico are those you catch sight of - or scent of - as you're out doing activities and seeing attractions. But, having the names of a few restaurant possibilities on your schedule, means even your fall-back options are good ones. To learn more about the dining options waiting for you, check out this page.


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