Dorado Transportation

Your transportation to Dorado is completely up to you

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Known as "La Ciudad Ejemplar" which means "The Exemplary City," Dorado is a popular resort town filled with some of the island's most famous and popular hotels. The city typically attracts golfers with its five different championship courses, but beautiful beaches and upscale restaurants keep tourists coming back for more. But how will they get there in the first place? Because Dorado is located on an island in the Caribbean getting there takes a little more forethought than deciding to just get up and go.

Getting There

Whether you're like most people and prefer to fly, you have the skills to sail your own yacht to the area, or you decide to visit Dorado as part of your Caribbean cruise, how you get there is completely up to you.

Getting Around

Rental cars and taxis are going to be your top options for getting around Dorado, but a few other options exist in small amounts as well including buses and publicos.

Air Travel

The Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport (SJU) is one of the most important airports in the Caribbean, welcoming numerous flights each day from around the world aboard jumbo jets then sending them off to other nearby islands in the region and towns on Puerto Rico. Tourists staying in Dorado will benefit from this airport as it is the closest option, and in fact, the easiest airport in Puerto Rico to book a flight into. You can find out specific airlines and airports you can fly to Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport from by clicking here.


When you'll be sailing to Dorado, your first stop will be in San Juan, which is one of four official ports of entry on the island.  There, you can clear in and purchase your cruising permit before heading on to your final vacation destination.  Find out more about this process by clicking here


From the San Juan Cruise Port, it's a quick car ride over to Dorado, so you can very feasibly plan to cruise to Puerto Rico then head on over to town for a quick day of exploration. San Juan is one of the busiest cruise destinations in the Caribbean, and most of the major cruise lines will leave from Florida with a stop in San Juan on their roster.

Rental Cars

Just as you'd expect when driving in any new location, there are some issues you need to be concerned with. Luckily, driving in Dorado is very similar to driving in the United States since traffic moves on the right side of the road and most of the laws are the same. Some things tourists have been known to complain about are the fact that local drivers can be somewhat reckless, and some back roads are in disrepair. For the most part; however, you'll find the island's infrastructure to be in great condition. To learn more about driving in Dorado as well as what it takes to rent a car, click here.


Taxis are fairly easy to find throughout Dorado, especially in areas that have lots of hotels, restaurants, and shops.  On top of that, the costs are reasonable, especially for a town known for its luxury getaways.  This form of transportation is highly recommended thanks to the traffic concerns of nearby towns, so it makes sense that you should click here to find out more about the service. 


Buses, though available on Puerto Rico, are not the most reliable option. Dorado benefits from San Juan's bus system, transporting visitors from Dorado into San Juan so that they can visit some of the island's most important land marks. Routes change frequently, so it is best to ask for a schedule when you arrive, but know you'll pay about $0.75(USD) per person each time you get on the bus.


The idea of a publico may be new for many people visiting Puerto Rico. In regular vans and at times minibuses with yellow license plates and the letters "P" or "PD" on them, publicos run on regular routes just as a bus would, but will pick up passengers from wherever they flag them down and drop the off anywhere on the route even without an assigned stop, more like a taxi. Many people equate this service to a public taxi service, and the price falls somewhere in between that of a bus and a taxi at around $1.50(USD) per person per trip.

What you've learned about transportation in Dorado will ultimately help you to decide what the best option for you is during your stay.


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