The NAVAC, short for US Naval Facility, is a military ghost town. Built in the 1950's and abandoned in the 1980's, the facility has been allowed to slowly decay over the last few decades.


Adventurous guests willing to make the journey are able to explore the abandoned military complex. With buildings in ruins and various items still littering the floor. However, it is important to be careful as the complex are ruins and are not maintained by any organization. Sharp metal, glass, and other hazards may exist.

Staying Close

Eleuthera is a good option for those wishing to visit NAVFAC Base, because guests staying in this region of the Bahamas will have convenient access to the historical site during their visit. With only a small number of hotels in the area surrounding NAVFAC Base, only a little tourist movement might be bargained on.

Hotels near NAVFAC Base
Hotel Type Distance Direction
Cocodimama Resort 0.2 mi. (10.6 km) W
Hut Pointe Inn Hotel 3.3 mi. (4.9 km) SE
Sky Beach Club Villa complex 3.6 mi. (4.6 km) SE
Buttonwood Reserve Villa complex 4.5 mi. (17.5 km) NW

Location and What's Nearby

Food and drink choices may be lacking in the area close to NAVFAC Base, but you might find a couple places to grab a bite to eat. LeoRose Sunset Beach Bar & Grill, which serves Bahamian fare, is also the closest restaurant to this site. The restaurant is maybe about five miles from this landmark, so check it out and eat up!


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Location: Eleuthera


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