Rental Cars on Eleuthera

To see the sites on Eleuthera, you'll need to rent a car

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With very little public transportation to speak of on Eleuthera, tourists who would like to explore the island will have to rely on rental cars to get around. The number of rental car agencies on the island are few, and locals will often try and rent out their own vehicles, so it is important to always make sure you are renting with a government licensed facility.

Renting a Car

The best way to be sure that you're renting a vehicle from a government sanctioned locale, your best bet is to rent from an agency at one of the island's three airports (click here for Eleuthera's air travel page). Regardless of where you rent from, you'll generally find the process to be informal, with the simple exchange of payment for car keys. Always ask for a receipt, because you likely won't be given one otherwise.

Make sure to call before your vacation and reserve your vehicle of choice to ensure that it is available to you when you arrive. Also notice that there are no large international chains, because all of the agencies on the island are locally-owned.

Knowles Rent-a-Car happens to be the only rental service we have information on. You will be able to call them at (242) 359-7893, or find them on LA Drive Palmetto Point right on Eleuthera. into pot holes and cracks...


Driving on Eleuthera Island

The most important thing to remember as you're driving around on Eleuthera is that traffic moves on the left side of the road like in England, though the steering wheel is generally located on the left side of the vehicle as in the United States. This means that everyone who gets behind the wheel will likely have some adjusting to do. The roads are not kept in the best condition, so you can expect to run into pot holes and cracks regularly. Be sure to proceed with caution until you are more familiar with the driving style and road conditions.

Queen's Highway is the one main road on Eleuthera , and it travels the length of the island with just two lanes at all times and with a speed limit of 45 miles per hour. Some of the side roads are paved, but most are made of dirt, gravel, and sand, and should only be driven on if you've got a vehicle with four wheel drive. Gas is nearly double the price of gas in the United States, so make sure you leave room in your budget for the extra expense.

The Cost of Renting a Car

Vehicles on this island are almost always at least 10 years old and cost between $50 and $75(USD) a day. Discounts may be available if you rent for longer than one week.

Various companies sometimes charge widely different rates so it can be worth your time to shop around. The low rates in the tables are usually only available from the least costly local firms when demand is low. The high end of the range is what you might be quoted when demand is at its peak.

Vehicle Rentals, Daily Rates
Rental Type Low Rate High Rate
Mid Size Car $ 50.00 $ 75.00
Light SUV $ 70.00 $ 75.00
Mini Van $ 70.00 $ 90.00
Standard SUV $ 75.00 $ 90.00
Vehicle Rentals, Weekly Rates
Rental Type Low Rate High Rate
Mid Size Car $ 350.00 $ 480.00
Light SUV $ 520.00 $ 600.00
Mini Van $ 525.00 $ 560.00
Standard SUV $ 525.00 $ 595.00

Renting a car on Eleuthera isn't difficult, and though the roads can be a little tricky to manage, you should become adept at navigating through the bad parts quickly. This will allow you to make the most of your getaway by spending your vacation exploring one the Bahamas most beautiful islands.

Gas stations in and around Eleuthera happen to be quite plentiful. Be sure to check out the table directly below to see locations. the chart

Gas Stations
Name Location
Careys Gas Station Tarpum Bay
Governors Harbour Gas Governors Harbour
Gregory Town Gas Gregory Town
Kinkys Gas Station 6.0 mi. (9.7 km) North of Rock Sound
Market Place Gas Rock Sound
Paradise Gas Station 4.4 mi. (7.1 km) Southeast of Governors Harbour
Shell Governors Harbour
Texaco Gas Station North Eleuthera Eleuthera

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