Eleuthera Taxis

Keep local taxi operator's phone numbers handy on Eleuthera

Although taxis are available to guests staying on Eleuthera, they are not so easy to find as some of the busier destinations in the island chain. You may find it best to keep a list of local taxi operators and their phone numbers on hand so you're able to call and have a driver pick you up when you're in need of a ride.

Taxi Companies

Island taxis are not the black and yellow checked sedans you see in the movies. Here, they tend to be mini vans or sports utility vehicles with no describable features other than perhaps the name of the taxi company painted on the side.

You'll find taxis to be readily available by all of the most popular tourist spots, including at the three airports, near top resorts or clusters of hotels, and by the docks. If you're unable to find a taxi on the road, you can call one of the local agencies and have them meet you at your desired location.

Scooper Taxi is the only taxi service for which we have information. Give them a call at (242) 464-5155; you'll find them just outside the heart of Eleuthera.

Utilizing local taxi services are a great way to be able to take in the sites as you travel from place to place, allowing you to leave any anxiety you might have about driving in a foreign country at home. You may need to do a little leg work to get a driver to pick you up, but nothing so outrageous that you should be turned off from making this your main mode of transportation during your stay.


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