Beaches in English Harbour

Photo credit: © James Gale

English Harbour, a busy port town, is able to balance boating activity with the need for swimming beaches.  There are several locations along the shore where visitors can sun in the sand and enjoy some watersports.  Because the town is located along the Atlantic coast, the surf can be a little much for inexperienced swimmers, but this destination is especially loved for windsurfing. 

The Area's Beaches

You will discover several beaches to choose from in and around the area. Snorkeling is available at several locations, for visitors who are so inclined. You can click on the name of the beach for a detailed article concerning that section of the coast.

Windward Beach: At the southern end of Dockyard Drive, you can turn westward along dirt roads. Taking these dirt roads to the southwest will lead you right to the beach.

Another place for beach-goers to consider is St. James Club Beach. St. James Beach with its powder white sand and palm lined shores features waters that are just slightly rougher than its sister beach of Mamora Bay Beach because it opens to the sea and often experiences stronger winds. Gazing out over the water from the shore, beach-goers will notice that the color of the water changes the deeper the water gets, starting with bright turquoise and moving to more deeper blues.

Pigeon's Beach: Located on the northwest coast of Nelson's Dockyard National Park, Pigeon's Beach is a welcomed mix of natural beach and an easy-to-access beach. Visitors will be able to lay out in the sand, swim in the clam waters, or simply stay for a while and watch the maritime traffic as it heads to Falmouth Harbor.

The beaches in and around English Harbour are displayed right below.

Beaches In and Around English Harbour
Name Location Coast
Galleon Beach 0.4 mi. East-Southeast of Central English Harbour South
Mamora Bay Beach Mamora Bay, 2.1 mi. East of Central English Harbour South
Pigeon Point 1.4 mi. West of Central English Harbour South
Pigeon's Beach 0.7 mi. West of Central English Harbour South
Rendezvous Bay 2.9 mi. West of Central English Harbour South
St. James Club Beach Mamora Bay, 2.2 mi. East of Central English Harbour South
Willoughby Bay 2.1 mi. Northeast of Central English Harbour South East
Windward Beach 0.7 mi. West of Central English Harbour South

Of course, English Harbour offers other attractions. You can go to this page which is all about even more attractions if you'd like to find some more specifics.


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