Transportation Options for English Harbour

Go with your gut when it comes to choosing how you'll get around English Harbour

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As part of the greater St. John area, English Harbour is also one of the most popular tourist centers on Antigua. You'll be able to fly into the island, or sail, and from there, land based transportation options are plentiful.

Getting There

What you need to know about getting to English Harbour is this: you can fly or sail, and that's about it. Flying means making a connection with another regional airport, while sailing offers you several options including yachting, cruising, and taking a ferry from nearby Barbuda or the island of Montserrat.

Getting Around

English Harbour's popularity means there are always plenty of choices regarding how you'll get around the area, so figuring out how you'll get from place to place will likely come down to a strategic budget move or your personal preference.

Air Travel

While it is possible to find a direct flight to V.C. Bird International Airport (ANU), for the majority of visitors, a layover on another Caribbean island will be necessary. Tourists from Europe will typically land in St. Maarten before transferring to a smaller plane to complete the journey to Antigua, while those from Canada and the United States find it easiest to book a flight to the main international airport in Puerto Rico. Antigua's one and only airport is located about a half an hour from English Harbour in St. Johns, but fortunately there is a bank of rental car agencies on site, as well as several other ways to travel to your accommodations. You can read about flying to Antigua then traveling to English Harbour right .

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As home to the most popular dock on the island, Nelson's Dockyard National Park, English Harbour is a magnet for tourists who sail private water crafts to the island. When you arrive in Antiguan waters, you don't have to give it much thought. Simply head to the Dockyard with your yellow “Quarantine” flag flying, and meet customs officials with all of the necessary documents in hand. This will include your release forms from your last port of call, a list of your stores, the crew manifest, and registration for the ship. After you've paid your fees, you'll be free to sail around Antigua.

Luckily you won't have to go very far. In addition to Nelson's Dockyard Marina, you can dock your vessel at the Antigua Slipway near The Inn At English Harbour. Read more here.


Just minutes away from the island's cruise terminal, it is not uncommon for English Harbour to see guests descend from cruise ships owned by Disney, COSTA, Carnival, MSC Italian, and Princess. If you'd like your Caribbean cruise to make the journey to Antigua, be on the lookout for options by these lines, then opt out of the island excursion and make your own way to English Harbour when you arrive.

Rental Cars

If you're the type that likes to visit as many attractions as possible, or you feel most comfortable when you're able to get up and go whenever you choose, a rental car is probably the best option for your vacation in English Harbour. Fortunately, not only are there plenty of rental cars available, but they are cheap as well. Most rentals cost under $50(USD) a day, and you can usually get a deal if you're staying more than a week. You'll also be responsible for picking up a temporary local license, but these can be issued at the agency. Learn more when you click here.


Taxi services are a great choice for your transport from the airport, or if you plan on drinking a few cocktails with dinner. There are plenty of other reasons why someone might decide to choose taxi services as their main source of transport around the area, one of which is that locals simply know their way around better. Rates on the island are set in advance, so you can take a look at the rate card and know exactly how much they'll be charging. You can see exact rate cards when you read our Guide to Taxis in English Harbour.


Although buses travel all throughout Antigua spare Dickenson Bay and around the airport, English Harbour has more posted routes than most places on the island. The buses here are privately owned minivans and small buses that run on set routes but not set times, and cater towards locals who have business in the larger areas and only need transportation from dawn until dusk. Tourists are more than welcome to hop on, however, it may take some getting used to.


One of the best parts of visiting an island in the Caribbean is the ability to travel amongst several different locations via ferry. From English Harbour you have the option to sail to Antigua's smaller sister island of Barbuda or the nearby French isle of Montserrat. Barbuda Express and Montserrat Ferry offer tourists the chance for a day trip without the high cost of air fare, and with the added bonus of the gorgeous scenery. Schedules, fees, and details about each vessel is available in our guide to English Harbour Ferries.

Everything you need to know about getting to and around English Harbour is available above. Now is that time to review and make your final decision. You'll then be one step close to the vacation of a lifetime.


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