What's Located Around Las Casitas Village, A Waldorf Astoria Resort

Nearby Beaches

Seven Seas Beach

Some of the most anticipated sites to visit in Puerto Rico are the diverse beaches. This vacation spot, however, is not to be found along the coastline. Those looking for a retreat from noisy beach-goers will feel comfortable with the location of Las Casitas Village, A Waldorf Astoria Resort, but should know that they will need to plan for extra travel time to get to the shore. You can also enjoy close proximity to nearby beaches.

All of the beaches along the coast of Puerto Rico have their own distinct features; these variations can affect whether you'll come prepared for a party, or just an easy day of sun-bathing. All of the nearby shorelines in the following table have something unique to offer. Clicking on each link below allows you to view a detailed discussion:

Beaches Near Las Casitas Village
Beach Distance Direction Location
Las Croabas Beach 0.6 NNE Las Croabas, Puerto Rico
Playa Sardinera -- -- Fajardo, Puerto Rico
Seven Seas Beach 1.1 N Las Croabas, Puerto Rico
Playa Colora 1.7 NNW 3.0 mi. North of Fajardo, Puerto Rico
Playa Laguna Aguas Prietas 1.7 NW 2.6 mi. North of Fajardo, Puerto Rico
Playa Convento 1.9 NW 2.8 mi. North of Fajardo, Puerto Rico
Playa Escondida 1.9 NW 3.0 mi. North of Fajardo, Puerto Rico
Palomino Beach 4.0 E Isla Palominos

The most obvious one to visit is Las Croabas Beach. Keep in mind that this enjoyable spot is found a short distance to the north-northeast of this property, so you really won't have to journey far to find a place to sit by the water. There are several beaches in the town of Las Croabas, which is situated along the east coast of Puerto Rico. Theses beaches are known for their dangerous rip tide, and tend to be jumping off points for boating and kayaking more so than swimming.

If you're searching for a less raucous beach scene, Playa Colora may be just what you're looking for. Although this beach has rough currents and signs posted by the DRNA that states that swimming prohibited, it is still a great out-of-the-way locale to enjoy some beautiful scenery on the shore.

Nearby Areas

Travelers who are interested to know about the surrounding area's offerings might want to find out how far—or near—the neighboring city or town is from the property. Las Casitas Village, A Waldorf Astoria Resort is found in the vicinity of Fajardo, in Puerto Rico; it is to the northeast of Fajardo.

The following table contains a listing of areas near Las Casitas Village, A Waldorf Astoria Resort:

Cities, Towns, and Neighborhoods Nearby
Area Name Distance Direction
Las Croabas, Puerto Rico 0.6 N
Fajardo, Puerto Rico 1.9 SW
Central Fajardo, Puerto Rico 2.2 SW
Cayo Icacos 3.4 NE
Isla Palominos 4.0 E
Cayo Lobos 4.2 ENE
Rio Sabana, Puerto Rico 5.7 W
Luquillo, Puerto Rico 6.1 W
Playa Azul, Puerto Rico 6.3 W
Ceiba, Puerto Rico 6.4 S

Nearby Attractions

Juan Diego Falls

Las Casitas Village, A Waldorf Astoria Resort is a wonderful spot for active tourists. There are more than a few activities to be found when exploring near this accommodation. In fact, this area has countless opportunities for exploration, including Bosque Estatal De Ceiba, Cayos De La Cordillera Nature Reserve, and Parque La Juventud. Of the three nearby attractions, the closest is Bosque Estatal De Ceiba.

These attractions are just a sample of what's in the area; find more shown in the table below.

Attractions Near Las Casitas Village
Attraction Type Distance Direction Location
Bosque Estatal De Ceiba Nature Sanctuary/Wildlife Reserve 2.6 S 1.6 mi. Southeast of Fajardo
Cayos De La Cordillera Nature Reserve Nature Sanctuary/Wildlife Reserve 1.4 SE 2.0 mi. East of Fajardo
Parque La Juventud Park 0.5 N Las Croabas
Las Cabezas de San Juan Nature Reserve Nature Sanctuary/Wildlife Reserve 2.0 N 3.7 mi. North-Northeast of Fajardo
Fero de las Cabezas de San Juan Lighthouse Lighthouse 1.9 NNE 3.8 mi. Northeast of Fajardo
Parque Damaso Rivera Park 7.5 W 1.4 mi. West of Luquillo
Cayo Diablo National Park Nature Sanctuary/Wildlife Reserve 6.4 E 7.9 mi. East of Fajardo
Juan Diego Falls Waterfall 10.1 W 5.8 mi. South West of Luquillo
El Yunque National Forest Nature Sanctuary/Wildlife Reserve 11.1 WSW 7.1 mi. South West of Luquillo
La Mina Falls Waterfall -- -- 7.4 mi. South West of Luquillo
Rainforest Zip Line Zip Line Site -- -- Rio Grande

If you're on the lookout for somewhere interesting to go, Bosque Estatal De Ceiba could be a good option. Very close to the city of Fajardo and Ceiba, the Bosque Estatal de Ceiba is a popular destination for anyone looking to take part it outdoor activities while on the island. Visitors will find plenty of people enjoying the forest with a hike, looking out for birds, or heading to the mangroves and fishing.

Nearby Accommodations

When deciding on a place to stay, it can sometimes be worthwhile to learn about nearby lodging options as a means to get a better feel for the surrounding area. While you might only find a couple other resort and hotel options right around Las Casitas Village, A Waldorf Astoria Resort, the tranquil surroundings here make it an excellent choice for those hoping to enjoy a peaceful destination. In order to find additional details about booking possibilities available in the region, see the following table.

Accommodations near Las Casitas Village
Accommodation Distance Direction Location
El Conquistador Resort, A Waldorf Astoria Resort 0.2 N Las Croabas, Puerto Rico
Fajardo Inn 1.5 S Fajardo, Puerto Rico

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