Mexican Cuisine in Fajardo

During your visit to Puerto Rico, expect to be impressed by the plentiful supply of places to sit down to a meal. When your preference is Mexican food, you should check out the various establishments that do it best. Have a tantalizing taste of the Mexican food on Puerto Rico's menus with this group of popular restaurants.

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Your plate will be full of choices, from the very casual attitude beloved by patrons of Los Munchies de Raquel to the beautiful smells of dinner and lunch at Salsarita's Fresh Cantina, there's a menu for every person in your party and even for that special night you're planning.

Take a moment to browse the many places that quench cravings for Mexican food. You can click each restaurant's name to find out more about its location, ambiance, and more.

The Blue Iguana Mexican Grill & Bar

Fajardo | (787) 860-6000

Set toward the center of Fajardo, The Blue Iguana Mexican Grill & Bar is on the premises of Fajardo Inn, and is a popular choice worth considering if you're going to spend time visiting this part of the city and adjacent neighborhoods. Don't overlook Fajardo for an unforgettable experience with the special: tacos.

Salsarita's Fresh Cantina

Central Fajardo | (787) 449-0500

Salsarita's Fresh Cantina is located within Central Fajardo, in the heart of Fajardo. Make the trip here to Central Fajardo when you want the familiar, inviting flavor profile of tacos.

The decor at Salsarita's is typical of a Mexican Cantina, with tiled mosaics, maracas on the wall, and stained glass lamps dangling from the ceiling. Salsarita's is a relaxed spot that strives to offer the type of environment that encourages you to tuck in and stay awhile.

Taco Maker Luquillo

Luquillo | (787) 889-4466

Taco Maker Luquillo is found in the heart of Luquillo. People who want tacos will particularly like dining here during a trip to Luquillo.

The Taco Maker serves quick service Mexican fare, with such favorites as tacos, burritos, and taco salads available for a low price and in only a matter of minutes. The kids meal strays away from Mexican fare only to offer chicken nuggets as an alternative, and tator tots are also on the menu. For dessert, choose between flan, turnovers, and cinnamon sugar crustos.

All food is cooked fresh daily, and made to order.


Luquillo | (787) 889-5770

Lolita's is located in the heart of Luquillo. Looking for tacos within the Mexican food genre? In any case, consider making this fun restaurant a done-deal, as far as your itinerary goes.

You can expect all of the Mexican favorites from Tacos and burritos to pork and rice. Lolita's is also vegetarian friendly, serving soy meat as an alternative filling.

Los Munchies de Raquel

Central Fajardo | (787) 655-4576

Situated near the center of Fajardo, Los Munchies de Raquel is on Conquistador Avenue. When all you need is comfortable clothes and to be indulging in a good plate of Mexican food, don't hesitate to try this local eatery where the service and style is very relaxed.

Mexican Restaurants
Name Location Type Phone Number
Bonilla Tacos Luquillo, 5.6 mi. Northwest of Central Fajardo Mexican (787) 889-8765
Lolita's Luquillo, 5.6 mi. Northwest of Central Fajardo Mexican (787) 889-5770
Los Munchies de Raquel Central Fajardo Creole, Mexican (787) 655-4576
Salsarita's Fresh Cantina Central Fajardo Mexican (787) 449-0500
Taco Maker Luquillo Luquillo, 5.6 mi. Northwest of Central Fajardo Mexican (787) 889-4466
The Blue Iguana Mexican Grill & Bar 0.8 mi. East of Central Fajardo Mexican (787) 860-6000

Similar Food

If seeking variety within the same genre, you might like distinctly different, but still related local places like these:

Restaurants with Similar Cuisine
Restaurant Name Phone Cuisine Location
Seven Seas Bar & Grill -- Latin American Central Fajardo
The House of Pastelillos (787) 268-2222 Latin American Las Croabas, 2.5 mi. North-Northeast of Central Fajardo
La Estancia (787) 888-6000 Argentenian 8.0 mi. West-Northwest of Central Fajardo
Casa Cubuy Restaurant (787) 874-6221 Latin American 11.0 mi. West-Southwest of Central Fajardo
The Brass Cactus (787) 889-5735 Tex-Mex Luquillo, 5.6 mi. Northwest of Central Fajardo
Ceviche Hut (787) 355-1200 South American Luquillo Kiosk Zone, 6.6 mi. West-Northwest of Central Fajardo
La Estacian (787) 863-4481 Latin American Central Fajardo
Mama-Yama's Acai Bar & Grill (787) 403-6530 Brazilian Central Fajardo

Also, for yet another take on this theme, try a signature item like the tacos, which is offered both at Roca Taina and Ely's Place.

Oftentimes, the best places to dine in Puerto Rico are the ones that you decide upon spontaneously while walking the streets near your hotel. However, it's still smart to have a concrete plan for some meals. To find out more details regarding the types of food awaiting you, check out this page.


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