Fajardo Transportation Options

Fajardo is another hub of transportation in Puerto Rico – this time centered around the sea

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Fajardo's transportation centers around the sea. Here, there is an important ferry port and a boat launch that attracts many of the island's yachters each year. Away from the coast, meanwhile, is part high-end resort area, part urban sprawl, featuring a well-maintained infrastructure and even a small, if mostly defunct, airport.

Getting There

Considered to be the center of boating in Puerto Rico, Fajardo is a popular destination for tourists who have a pension for sailing. Still, most tourists choose to fly to this Latin isle, and cruising is a possibility as well.

Getting Around

In order to really enjoy your stay in Fajardo, you'll likely create a list of attractions you want to see and activities you'll want to do. Depending on how extensive your list is and how far of a distance you'll need to travel to do everything, you'll have to plan your transportation accordingly. Options here include renting a car, hiring a driver, or taking a publico. Down at the ferry port, you'll find transportation to the small Puerto Rican isles of Culebra and Vieques.

Air Travel

Travelers flying internationally to Puerto Rico will typically arrive at the Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport (SJU) as their first stop. Located in San Juan it is just about 45 minutes way from Fajardo by car, which means it makes sense for tourists to fly here and then drive the remainder of the way. Because of the massive size of the airport, numerous flights from across the United States and around the world touch down here on an hourly basis, so chances are you'll be able to find a flight close enough to your home town that extra travel is unnecessary. Click here to learn more.


If you're making plans to sail your own or chartered private yacht to Puerto Rico, chance are your high-seas adventure will take you to Fajardo. Not only is this town home to an official port of entry, but there are at least seven marinas where sailors will be able to dock their vessels, find all of the maintenance equipment they need, and even book a place to stay – often in the lap of luxury.


Cruising is one of the biggest industries in the Caribbean, and Puerto Rico is at the top of the list of cruise destinations. The island's cruise port is San Juan Cruise Port and during the height of cruise season it is not uncommon for dozens of ships to dock there each week. Once on shore, tourists have the option of visiting anywhere in Puerto Rico they like, and a quick driver to Fajardo is a possibility that many take advantage of.

Rental Cars

Renting a car is the most popular transportation option for tourists staying in Fajardo. The cost is between $40 and $70(USD) a day, but that doesn't include taxes, insurance, and other fees that come with renting. One of the most important fees to be aware of is the extra $10 to $25(USD) daily charge for tourists between the age of 21 and 24. Otherwise, the cost of your rental will mainly depend on the type of car you request and the time of year you're visiting. To learn more about renting a car in Fajardo as well as what it is like driving on the roads there, click here.


Not everyone feels comfortable driving in a foreign land, and most often these people will hire taxis to get them from place to place. Fortunately, the cost of a taxi here is not terribly expensive, but it can add up if you use the service exclusively. Most drivers prefer to settle on a fare with their passengers, but meters are available as well. The cost is $1 base, plus $0.10(USD) per each one-third mile. Not every town in Puerto Rico uses meters. For example, San Juan has set rates based on a zone system, and if you plan to take a taxi from the airport there to your accommodations in Fajardo you'll pay the fare that has been previously determined which is a whopping $80(USD). Taxis can be hailed on the street, of your can use the listings below to call and pre-arrange pick up.

Buses (Publicos)

...a hybrid between buses and taxis...


Tourists traveling on a budget will typically be on the lookout for a local bus schedule because buses are often the cheapest source of transportation, plus they are a great way to experience local culture. Although there are buses in Puerto Rico, there are currently none that operate in or to Fajardo. Instead, tourists often find themselves content utilizing a service known as the publico. The best way to describe it is as a hybrid between buses and taxis. Publicos run on set routes like buses do, but they don't necessarily have set stops. Instead, they will pick passengers up as they flag them down and take them to the stop on their route that they request. Some drivers can even be persuaded to go off course. How this differs from taxis is that the ride isn't private. If there is room in the vehicle and another passenger on the street needs a ride, the publico will continue to pick people up until the vehicles (usually a van or minibus) is full. Rates are not standardized, but you can expect to spend about $1.50(USD) per person.


There are two smaller islands called Culebra and Vieques that are part of the Puerto Rican landscape, and they are very popular destinations amongst tourists who are looking for a more natural, quiet environment. While there are small airports on both islands, many people prefer the more economical option of sailing aboard a ferry that departs from Fajardo. Click here to learn more about the ferries in Fajardo.

Transportation is a very important part of your vacation planning, and few realize just how many options are available to them. Knowing a bit of information about your choices will help you to better plan and make fast decisions about which will be the best ways to get around for you during your stay in Fajardo.


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