Natural Attractions in Falmouth Harbour

Photo credit: © Monika Wiedemann

Falmouth Harbour itself is considered to be a favored natural attraction on Antigua, but for those who want to explore more than the shore, they will find there is a lot of green space around the marina in the form of parks and botanical gardens.  If you travel just a bit outside of town you will find a few more options readily available including the island's most popular attraction: Nelson's Dockyard. 

Nature Preserves and Hiking

Do you like spending time outside? You can explore one hiking trail and a nature preserve nearby.

You can look through the following table if you want more information.

Nature Preserves and Hiking Near Falmouth Harbour
Name Type Location Island
Carpenters Rock Trail Hiking Trail 2.0 mi. Southeast of Central Falmouth Harbour Antigua
Wallings Resevoir Nature Sanctuary/Wildlife Reserve None, 3.4 mi. West-Northwest of Central Falmouth Harbour None

Parks and Botanical Gardens

Nelson's Dockyard National Park

Vacationers can visit one of the many parks, as well as 2 botanical gardens in and around Falmouth Harbour.

Nelson's Dockyard National Park is located within southeastern Falmouth Harbour. Nelson's Dockyard is the only Georgian Dockyard in the world. It features a collection of historical attractions including the Clarence House, Shirley Heights, and Dow's Hill Interpretation Center.

A second popular choice in this category is Monk's Hill Park. Fortified in 1689, Monk's Hill is home to the ruins of the long since abandoned Fort George. While this impressive fort was once the place of refuge for the town's residents during threats of French invasion, it now blends into the landscape and is overgrown with weeds.

The parks and gardens available are summarized below.

Parks and Gardens In and Around Falmouth Harbour
Name Type Location
Detour Bike Trails Park 6.8 mi. West of Central Falmouth Harbour
Jones Valley Trail Park 1.9 mi. Southeast of Central Falmouth Harbour
Lookout Trail Park 1.9 mi. Southeast of Central Falmouth Harbour
Monk's Hill Park Park 0.5 mi. North of Central Falmouth Harbour
Nelson's Dockyard National Park Park English Harbour, 1.4 mi. Southeast of Central Falmouth Harbour
Orange Valley Gardens Botanical Garden 6.7 mi. Northeast of Central Falmouth Harbour
Victoria Park Botanical Garden 7.9 mi. Northwest of Central Falmouth Harbour

Land Formations

Another idea is to visit some of the more popular area land formations. Fully natural attractions like these in Falmouth Harbour are listed in the table below.

Land Formations In Falmouth Harbour
Name Type Location
Falmouth Bay Bay 0.3 mi. South West of Central Falmouth Harbour
Falmouth Harbour Harbour 0.6 mi. South of Central Falmouth Harbour

Fortunately, Falmouth Harbour has other attraction types. Take advantage of this extended discussion which is all about even more attractions if you want to discover additional information.


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