Falmouth Harbour Car Rentals

Renting a car is inexpensive and easy in Falmouth Harbour

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A large part of planning your Falmouth Harbour getaway is deciding if you'll spend your time relaxing on the beach and at your hotel or if you'll want to get out and explore the island. If seeing all the sites is an important part of the vacation experience for you, renting a car will probably be the most affordable and convenient option for you.

Renting a Car

In order to rent a vehicle in Falmouth Harbour, your first order of business will be to purchase an Antiguan license as well as insurance. Most rental car agencies will issue their renters one for up to $20(USD), and some even offer them for free. The license is valid for three months, and you may extend it twice at the same cost. At that point, you will be eligible to apply for a local driver's license. According to local law, even if you are in possession of an International Driver's License, you will still be required to purchase a local license.

Most rental agencies are located in St. Johns in and around V.C. Bird International Airport, but there are some in Falmouth Harbour as well.

The chart below lists the rental agencies located in and around Falmouth Harbour.

Vehicle Rental Companies
Name Phone Location
Big's Car Rental & Taxi Service (268) 562-4901 English Harbour
Ivor’s Car Rental & Taxi Service (268) 460-1241 0.9 mi. (1.5 km) Northwest of Falmouth Harbour
Koconut Rent-a-Car (268) 460-2407 Buckley's Village - Buckleys
Raine's Car Rental (268) 727-8557 Lightfoot West Pond View - 3.3 mi. (5.3 km) South of St. John's
Sunny Auto Rentals (268) 764-7610 Sugar Ridge Resort Limited - Downtown St. John's
Titi Rent-a-Car (268) 460-1452 Falmouth Harbour
Vernon's Car Rental (268) 560-5123 Freetown

...road signs are almost non-existent...


Rules of the Road and Driving

Driving yourself around Falmouth Harbour shouldn't be too difficult a task, however, there are a few things you'll want to be aware of before you get behind the wheel as a precaution. The first is that driving is done on the left side of the road just like in Europe. The second is that gas stations, thankfully plentiful, offer full service, which means that you won't have to get out of the vehicle to pump your gas. Instead, an attendant will come out, pump your gas and collect the payment as you relax in the vehicle. Some attendants are even known for going the extra mile and cleaning your windows and checking your tires for air while waiting for the gas to pump.

The third difference to be aware of as you drive around Falmouth Harbour is that road conditions on the island are generally not so good. There are several main roads around the island, and multiple roads within the Falmouth Harbour area that are paved, but filled with dips, cracks, and pot holes. A simple sedan shouldn't have any trouble navigating these roads despite their condition, but as you try and venture out of town and to more secluded areas, you'll discover that more often than not you'll be driving down a dirt road. Street lights are not common, and when they are available they are pretty dimly lit, meanwhile traffic signals and road signs are almost non-existent. Some popular attractions have taken the time to put up their own signs, but none are government sponsored.

The final thing to be aware of as you drive around Falmouth Harbour is that locals are known for driving fast and erratically. Speed limits in town hover at around 20 miles per hour, and you may find that the roadways between towns go up to 40, but these speeds are not enforced by the police, and they are generally used as a suggestion rather than the rule. Locals will tailgate and pass you by with no problem, even on busy, narrow roads. Your number one concern should always be your safety, so don't try and drive like them. Stick to what you are used to, and you should get by just fine.

The Cost of Renting a Car

The cost of a rental varies not only by agency, but the type of vehicle you rent as well. Even so, you can expect to spend somewhere between $40 and $50(USD) a day on top of the cost of the temporary local license.

Although you can request a luxury vehicle, the most popular model to rent out is an automatic Toyota Tercel in light colors (to keep the interior as cool as possible in the intense heat). Air conditioning is a must; be sure to check that it works before you leave the property of the agency. Also confirm that the break lights and signaling devices work. Although a Tercel is the go-to vehicle, if you can, rent a Jeep. This vehicle has four-wheel drive as well as excellent suspension, which is just what you need if you'll want to explore some of Falmouth Harbour's more secluded beaches.

Of course, all these cars come with different prices. In addition to price fluctuations from car to car, you can also expect the rates to change throughout the year. The prices to expect can be found in the table below.

Gas Stations

Check out the table below that shows some fueling locations in this general area.

Gas Stations
Name Location
Dee's Service Station 2.0 mi. (3.3 km) East of St. John's
Golden Grove Service Station St. John's
Jolly Harbor Fuel Dock Jolly Harbour Marina - Jolly Harbour

Although the road conditions in Falmouth Harbour may not be the best, they are still drivable and many people prefer to take control of the wheel and get themselves from place to place on the island. Couple this desire with low rates and it is easy to see why renting a vehicle is a popular choice.


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