Snorkeling Around Falmouth Harbour

What was considered a perilous stretch of coral reef generations ago, now marks a point of intrigue for guests staying in Falmouth Harbor.  If the world that exists underneath the surface of the sea surrounding this area is calling you, then you'll definitely want to plan some time to snorkel during your trip.

Most would not recommend grabbing your equipment and snorkeling directly from the beaches of Falmouth Harbor.  While it is a possibility on a whim, the real sites to be seen are just outside the bay and accessible by boat.  Pigeon Point for example, is one of the best known snorkeling spots on the island, and it is Falmouth's pride and joy.

Snorkeling in this area of the island will bring glimpses of strong coral, sponges, colorful reef fish, sea turtles, and on the rare occasion, dolphins.  While you can certainly charter a boat and sail to the snorkeling sites listed below on your own, the recommended course of action is to sign up with a tour group.  You'll usually spend less than $35(USD) per person for several hours of guided fun while leaving the cares of your typical daily life behind.  

If you haven't been snorkeling before, you'll quickly see why so many are impassioned by the sport.  It is quiet and calm, especially here where the waters are so clear with visibility of up to 140 feet deep, the currents are nearly non-existent, and the beauty of the underwater sites take you out of yourself.  

Snorkeling Sites

If you're looking forward to experiencing what's below the surface you might want to visit Carlisle Bay East. The clear waters of Carlisle Beach make it a great place to spot the tropical fish that frequent the shore. This snorkeling site is situated easily reached by taxi West of central Falmouth Harbour.

Some basic information concerning 4 of the most popular places where you can experience snorkeling in this area are listed in the following chart.

Snorkeling Sites Near Falmouth Harbour
Site Location
Pigeon Point 1.1 mi. South West of Central Falmouth Harbour
Rendezvous Bay 2.2 mi. West-Southwest of Central Falmouth Harbour
Galleon Beach English Harbour, 1.6 mi. Southeast of Central Falmouth Harbour
Carlisle Bay East 3.9 mi. West of Central Falmouth Harbour

Snorkeling Boat Trips

On Deck

For some people, the best snorkeling is experienced away from the shore.

If you'd like to go snorkeling during a boating adventure, you should consider On Deck. On Deck offers the largest selection of sailing courses on the island, whether you are interested in practical training or theory. For your convenience, online courses are offered as well.

Review the following chart for information concerning the opportunity to take a boat ride that includes snorkeling.

Day Sails and Boat Trips In Falmouth Harbour
Name Type Phone Location Island
On Deck Boating and Day-Sailing Provider (268) 532-6696 0.8 mi. South-Southeast of Central Falmouth Harbour Antigua

Snorkeling Services

If you're looking for someone offering snorkel rentals, excursions, or similar services, you should check out Dockyard Divers Snorkeling. A local watersports operation that specializes in diving, the sites they visit are also perfect for snorkelers as well and so they allow guests to tag along for a snorkeling trip. If you're traveling with a diver or just want a knowledgeable team to show you the best sites for snorkeling, this spot has you covered on all ends. They are located within southeastern Falmouth Harbour.

A few details about two companies that provide services related to snorkeling are displayed in the following chart.

Snorkeling Services Near Falmouth Harbour
Name Phone Location
Dockyard Divers Snorkeling (268) 729-3040 English Harbour, 1.2 mi. Southeast of Central Falmouth Harbour
Life's A Beach (268) 784-1406 Freeman's Village, 4.1 mi. North of Central Falmouth Harbour

To learn more about snorkeling, including useful tips and suggestions for beginners and "pros" read our extensive Caribbean snorkeling page.

The mysterious marine world of Antigua is waiting for you to discover it.  What better time than your visit to Falmouth Harbor?  Get in touch with a local tour guide operator and in no time you'll know why snorkeling is such a popular and important pastime. 


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