What's Located Around The Catamaran Hotel

The beaches in Antigua are boasted as the most-visited attractions that you'll find on the island.

Luckily, The Catamaran Hotel is directly on the waterfront, so you won't need to go very far to have an amazing view of the water.

Nearby Beaches

Of course, since The Catamaran Hotel is located right on Pigeon's Beach, hanging out at the beach is popular with guests staying here. Located on the northwest coast of Nelson's Dockyard National Park, Pigeon's Beach is a welcomed mix of natural beach and an easy-to-access beach. Visitors will be able to lay out in the sand, swim in the clam waters, or simply stay for a while and watch the maritime traffic as it heads to Falmouth Harbor. For travelers who are eager for some variety, there are some additional beaches worth investigating. Click the names below to see more details:

Beaches Near The Catamaran
Beach Distance Direction Location
Pigeon Point -- -- 1.2 mi. South West of Falmouth Harbour
Windward Beach 1.3 S 0.7 mi. West of English Harbour
Galleon Beach 1.7 SE English Harbour
Rendezvous Bay 2.1 W 2.2 mi. West of Falmouth Harbour
Willoughby Bay -- -- Willoughby Bay
Mamora Bay Beach 2.9 E Mamora Bay
St. James Club Beach 3.0 E Mamora Bay
Carlisle Bay East -- -- 3.9 mi. West of Falmouth Harbour
Curtain Bluff Beach 4.2 W 4.3 mi. West of Falmouth Harbour
Morris Bay 4.5 W 4.5 mi. Southeast of Jolly Harbour

The closest option is Pigeon Point. Pigeon Point is a popular spot for locals and tourists alike. It's a beautiful beach which curves towards the ocean and has incredible views of the endless blue waters. Some venues in Antigua are frequently packed with people, but a few are packed with amenities too — and this beach is no different: With on-location features like picnic tables, restrooms, and showers you will have all you need for a great day on the coast.

If you're searching for a beach where sunbathers can find plenty of privacy, Windward Beach is an alternative worth considering. Secluded, open, and rarely crowded, Windward Beach makes up for it rocky waters with beautiful views and plenty of sand to sun bathe on. With the shimmering ocean on one side and a wall of trees on the other, eco-tourist and all lovers of natural beaches should be pleased with this one.

Nearby Areas

Stopping over at a town or community close to your hotel can add a little variety to your vacation schedule, no matter if you'll just be browsing their markets, or learning more about the area's art and history. The Catamaran Hotel is located near the heart of Falmouth Harbour.

The areas found closest to The Catamaran Hotel are listed below.

Cities, Towns, and Neighborhoods Nearby
Area Name Distance Direction
Cobbs Cross 0.7 E
Falmouth 1.0 NW
English Harbour 1.3 SE
Sweets 2.2 NW
Willoughby Bay 2.4 E
Mamora Bay 3.0 E
All Saints 3.1 N
John Hughes 3.3 WNW
Old Road 3.9 W
Buckleys 3.9 NW

Nearby Attractions

Dockyard Museum

The Catamaran Hotel is a great spot for active tourists. There are an abundance of active pursuits to be discovered when starting at this lodging. Yes, this area has countless opportunities for exploration, including Monk's Hill Park, Nelson's Ruins West, and Admiral House. The nearest attraction of the three is Monk's Hill Park.

When it comes to keeping the whole group smiling, you'll need to explore all your attraction options, like those shown in the table below.

Attractions Near The Catamaran
Attraction Type Distance Direction Location
Monk's Hill Park Park -- -- 0.5 mi. North of Falmouth Harbour
Nelson's Ruins West Historical Site 1.4 SSE English Harbour
Admiral House Museum 1.3 SE English Harbour
Nelson's Ruins Northeast Historical Site 1.4 SSE English Harbour
Nelson's Ruins Southeast Historical Site 1.4 SSE English Harbour
Antigua Rainforest Canopy Tour Zip Line Site -- -- Sweets
Dockyard Museum Museum -- -- English Harbour
Nelson's Dockyard National Park Park -- -- English Harbour
Fort Berkeley Historical Site 1.6 SE English Harbour
Jones Valley Trail Park -- -- 0.7 mi. Southeast of English Harbour
Lookout Trail Park -- -- 0.7 mi. Southeast of English Harbour
Shirley Heights Fort Historical Site 2.1 SE 0.8 mi. Southeast of English Harbour
Carpenters Rock Trail Hiking Trail 2.1 SE 0.8 mi. Southeast of English Harbour
Sweets Windmill Ruins Historical Site 3.2 NW 3.3 mi. Northwest of Falmouth Harbour
Wallings Resevoir Nature Sanctuary/Wildlife Reserve -- -- --
Betty's Hope Museum -- -- 2.5 mi. West of Willikies
Greencastle Hill Park Historical Site 5.9 NW 2.5 mi. East of Jolly Harbour
Old Sugar Factory Historical Site 6.1 N 3.0 mi. East of St. John's
Detour Bike Trails Park -- -- 1.6 mi. Southeast of Jolly Harbour
National Hero's Park Museum 6.8 NNW 1.9 mi. East of St. John's
Orange Valley Gardens Botanical Garden -- -- Willikies
Victoria Park Botanical Garden 7.8 NW St. John's
Old Sugar Mill Ruins Historical Site 7.8 NNW Cassada Gardens
Deluxe Cinemas Movie Theater 8.0 NW Downtown St. John's
The Museum of Antigua and Barbuda Museum -- -- Downtown St. John's
St. John's Cathedral Historical Site 8.1 NW Downtown St. John's
Caribbean Cinemas - Antigua Megaplex 8 Movie Theater 8.6 NNW St. John's
Fort James Historical Site 9.3 NW St. John's
Fort Barrington Historical Site 10.3 NW Five Islands

If you're looking for an enjoyable experience, Monk's Hill Park might be the right choice for you. Fortified in 1689, Monk's Hill is home to the ruins of the long since abandoned Fort George. While this impressive fort was once the place of refuge for the town's residents during threats of French invasion, it now blends into the landscape and is overgrown with weeds.

Nearby Accommodations

When choosing a place to stay, it can often be helpful to learn about nearby accommodation options as a way to better understand the surrounding area. Though you'll only find a handful of other resort and hotel options in this part of Antigua, its quiet surroundings make it a pleasant choice for guests looking for a peaceful vacation spot. If you'd like to get more information about booking possibilities available nearby, view the table below.

Accommodations near The Catamaran
Accommodation Distance Direction Location
Antigua Yacht Club Marina Resort 0.9 SE Falmouth Harbour, Antigua
The Ocean Inn 1.1 SE English Harbour, Antigua
Admiral's Inn -- -- English Harbour, Antigua
The Copper & Lumber Store Hotel -- -- English Harbour, Antigua

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