Transportation Options for Falmouth Harbour

Find your way to Falmouth Harbour for a quiet island vacation

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Known for being a harbor with numerous marinas, Falmouth Harbour is one of the island's most popular sailing destinations. This makes it a great vacation spot for those who love sailing, but this area also serves as a great home base for tourists with dreams of exploring Monk's Hill leading to Shekerley Mountains.

Getting There

While sailing is popular in Falmouth Harbour, most tourists still arrive on the island via the airport in nearby St. Johns. Day trippers also have the option of visiting as part of a cruise or sailing in via ferry from the island of Montserrat.

Getting Around

After you've arrived in Falmouth Harbour, you're transportation options are plentiful. As you review what is available to you, keep your personal comfort and safety in mind, as well as convenience and cost.

Air Travel

Antigua's airport is V.C. Bird International Airport (ANU), located in the island's capital city of Falmouth Harbour. The airport is mid-sized and capable of handling the jumbo jets that typically carry international traveler's, yet, more often than not tourists will first land at the airports on either St. Maarten or Puerto Rico before continuing to and landing on this island. Although this may increase your travel time, flying still remains the fastest and most convenient method of transportation to Falmouth Harbour.

Airlines that fly into Antigua's airport are included on the charts found on this page.


With a deep history in sailing, Antigua offers maritime travelers plenty of amenities and activities for their vacation. Those who are staying land-side will be able to choose from a selection of boat charters, rentals, and excursions that will take them out to sea and to explore the small islands surrounding Antigua. If you happen to be one of the lucky travelers arriving via boat, you will have a handful of marinas to choose from. Heritage Quay, English Harbour, and Deepwater Harbour (to name three) offer docking locations on different parts of the island, letting you explore whichever aspect of Antigua you choose.


Many of the most popular cruise lines make weekly visits to Antigua, and dock about a half an hour away from Falmouth Harbour on St. John. If your cruise has a port of call on the island, you can very easily plan to take a cab into town, or hire a tour that specializes in the area. Be on the lookout for cruises with Carnival, COSTA, Disney, MSC Italian, and Princess, as they all offer trips to Antigua.

Rental Cars

...inexpensive transportation options...


Renting a car in Falmouth Harbour is typically an inexpensive transportation option, assuming you choose a basic car model, and don't ask to add too many bells and whistles to your package. Most tourists can expect to spend less than $50(USD) a day, but keep in mind it will also cost $20(USD) to purchase a local temporary license before you get behind the wheel. Once the vehicle is in your possession, you will find that this town's roads are not the best, but they are easily managed so long as you remember to drive on the left side of the road.

For more information about renting a car and driving on the island, read our guide to Renting a Car in Falmouth Harbor.


The cost of a taxi in and around town is not cheap, but many tourists prefer the peace of mind of having someone who is familiar with local roads and used to driving on these narrow roads to get them safely around. If this sounds like you, or if you don't plan on leaving the immediate vicinity of your accommodations very often, taxi services are more than appropriate for your needs. Rates are preset, rather than metered, and you can view the rate charts by heading here.


Although the buses in Falmouth Harbour are privately owned, they are still great money savers and fairly reliable as far as buses go in the Caribbean.  You can use this service to get around town as well as to some of the larger cities on the island – though there area some exceptions.  Read our guide to Buses in Falmouth Harbour to learn about routes and more. 


There is no direct ferry service from Falmouth Harbour, but this town is within direct driving distance of a localized ferry, as well as one that offers international travel. The Barbuda Express offers a quick 90 minute ride from St. Johns to the smaller island, while you can sail from English Harbour to the French island of Montserrat five days a week. Take a moment to review schedules and fares here before departing on your getaway to see if you'd be best served taking a ferry rather than flying for your day-tripping purposes.

Sailing is an important part of the local community, but there are so many other transportation options available that tourists visiting Falmouth Harbour still have plenty of decisions to make. By taking the time to review each mode of transport, you are now much more capable of making an informed decision.


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