Attractions in Falmouth

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A new cruise destination, Falmouth has recently seen a huge boom in their tourism industry thanks to the recommendation that cruisers forget exploring other regions and stay in town to see what the “Real Jamaica” is like.  Once you make your way past the construction areas, you'll be greeted with numerous historic buildings, the world-famous Martha Brae river, and some of the most beautiful beaches you'll ever encounter. 


Rio Bueno Beach

You will find several beaches to consider visiting in and around the area. Snorkeling is an option at some locations, for visitors who enjoy the underwater scene. Just click on each beach name to get additional information concerning that particular stretch of sand.

Burwood Beach: There's a bar on this beach, part of the resort that covers half the land near the beach. The sand is blindingly white and unbelievably soft.

Attractions Map

A second location that beach-goers can consider is Half Moon Beach. Not quite a crescent-shape, Half Moon Beach exists as an indent in the coast. Verdant trees line some parts of the beach, which enjoys white sand and deep blue waters.

Silver Sands Beach: A public access point exists on the West side of this beach and you will never be made to feel unwelcome here, even if you're not renting one of the adjacent villas.

These are just a sample of your options. You can go to this extended discussion if you'd like to find out more specifics.

Landmark Attractions

Old Baptist Manse

A landmark that often intrigues visitors is Outameni Theme Park. It is situated in Falmouth. Outameni is a history theme park that seeks to present the story of Jamaica from its first settlers, the Taino, up to the modern day. While the park may be geared more towards children than adults anyone with interest in Jamaican history as Jamaicans tell it should find Outameni to be an interesting experience.

Another landmark that often intrigues visitors is Outameni Experience. It is located in Falmouth. The Outameni Experience allows guests to tour historically accurate Taino, Spanish, America, Indian, Chinese, English, and present day Jamaican villages. This experience is interactive, with actors in traditional dress telling tales of life in the village.

Good Hope Great House: The Good Hope Great House is the main historic building of John Tharp, owner of the most land and slaves of Jamaica's sugar industry. The Great House is fully restored and includes around 2000 acres of land.

This region includes other places to visit. If you'd like to obtain more information concerning other interesting landmarks in this area by going to this page.


Visitors can visit a park in Falmouth.

Parks In Falmouth
Name Type Location Island
Water Square Park Central Falmouth Jamaica

Land Formations

Martha Brae River

Another fun idea is to visit some of the more interesting area land formations. Other types of natural attractions in Falmouth are displayed in the table below.

Land Formations In Falmouth
Name Type Location
Martha Brae River River Central Falmouth
Trelawney Luminous Lagoon Lagoon Central Falmouth
White Bay Bay 3.5 mi. East of Central Falmouth

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