Beaches in Falmouth

Photo credit: © Jirina Schönenberger

Most of the beaches in Falmouth are free public beaches with white sands, calm waters, and vendors backing the shores hopping to sell off their handmade crafts, fresh cooked jerk meats, and cold beverages.  Some spots, on the other hand, are public in name, but charge for the use of facilities like changing rooms, restrooms, and showers.

Which Beaches Are Available?

There are several beaches to choose from in and around the area. Snorkeling is an option at some of the beaches, if some members of your party are so inclined. You can click on the beach names to get additional information concerning that particular stretch of sand.

Rio Bueno Beach

If you are hoping to go snorkeling, a place providing that option is Silver Sands Beach. Smooth and long, this beach is peppered with villas and visitors. There is a cute little gazebo by the water.

Another alternative that beach-goers can consider is St Bran's Burg Beach. St. Bran's Burg Beach enjoys powder white sand along with deep blue waters. The surf can be choppy at times, but experienced swimmers should have no trouble navigating the waters along this shore.

Rio Bueno Beach: Just beyond the white sands of Rio Bueno Beach is a line of verdant trees that set the tone of privacy and seclusion. The waters, meanwhile, are a deep, dark blue.

Review the following chart to learn more.

Beaches In and Around Falmouth
Name Location Coast
Bengal Beach 13.7 mi. East of Central Falmouth North West
Burwood Beach 3.4 mi. East of Central Falmouth North West
Golf Beach 10.5 mi. West of Central Falmouth North West
Half Moon Beach 0.5 mi. West-Northwest of Central Falmouth North West
Rio Bueno Beach Rio Bueno, 12.2 mi. East of Central Falmouth North West
Rose Hall Beach Club 11.8 mi. West of Central Falmouth North West
Silver Sands Beach 8.7 mi. East of Central Falmouth North West
St Bran's Burg Beach 9.1 mi. West of Central Falmouth North West

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