Falmouth Buses

Although the bus system is not the most reliable of services in Falmouth, it is not only a possibility, but it is the least expensive option available to tourists. 

The typical bus in Falmouth will cost $1(USD) per trip, and drive along all of the main roads in town. In Jamaica, there is also another option called a minibus, which offers bus services between the island's major cities along the A-line highways. Minibus transport will typically be over 50 miles, and costs $2(USD). 

Buses on the island are without air conditioning and can be packed pretty tightly, so it is best to be prepared to encounter a crowd. Another thing to be prepared for is payment. Buses only take Jamaican Dollars and will not cash out large bills, so it is best to have small bills and coins on hand. 

Bus Routes
Route Beginning Stops Along the Route End
Knutsford Express Main Route Montego Bay Knutsford Express Terminal Knutsford Express Falmouth Terminal, Knutsford Express Ocho Rios Terminal Knutsford Express Kingston Terminal

With these tips in mind, it is possible to make riding the bus your top choice for travel in Falmouth.


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