Martha Brae River

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The legend of Martha Brae tells of an Arawak witch who lived on the banks of River Mitibereon. Greedy Spanish explorers had heard of gold along the river, and captured her so that she might lead them to the gold. As the story goes, she led them into a cave, then disappeared. She used her powers to turn the river, which then engulfed then men, killing them. From then on, the river became known as Martha Brae.

Interestingly, despite the slightly mythical story of how the river was named, Martha Brae is one of the most romantic spots in Jamaica. Couples often sign up for boat tours, and dine at the romantic Glistening Waters restaurant, which overlooks the bioluminescent lake that is a part of this waterway.


Martha Brae River is located 1.7 miles west of White Bay, a village in Trelawny Parish; it's 1.4 miles to the east-southeast of Falmouth.

Nearby Restaurants

And, one of the most delightful options while spending an afternoon exploring the area could be having fare at a restaurant within traveling distance of this river. Rock Wharf Grill, which has a menu full of Jamaican dishes, is very close-by, making it a great option for river visitors. Also within a short distance, you and your companions will have options like Fisherman's Inn Restaurant and Glistening Waters Restaurant where you and your companions will not want to get up and go without trying their specialty seafood.

Nearby Attractions

You'll find at least one or two other activities nearby, including Water Square, which is a mile away Falmouth. Also, you might consider heading to Fort Balcarres, which is another nearby attraction.

Rivers are nice for a few hours here and there, but there's more to visit in Jamaica. The following list contains attractions that are nearby.

Attractions Near Martha Brae River
Attraction Type Distance Direction Location
Water Square -- 1.1 mi. (0.7 km) NW Falmouth
Fort Balcarres Historic Site 1.2 mi. (0.8 km) NW Falmouth
Outameni Theme Park Museum 1.3 mi. (0.3 km) NW Falmouth
Albert George Market Historic Site 1.4 mi. (0 km) WNW Falmouth
Davidson House Historic Site -- -- Falmouth
Falmouth Court House Historic Site -- -- Falmouth
Good Hope Great House Historic Site -- -- Falmouth
Martha Brae Waterwheel Historic Site -- -- Falmouth

Location: Trelawny Parish, Jamaica


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