What's Located Around Royalton White Sands

Often, picking accommodations close to the beach can guarantee your family has a fun, fulfilling trip. Fortunately, Royalton White Sands is situated on the water, so you won't have to go out of the way to enjoy the pleasant coast.

Nearby Beaches

The most proximate beaches to the property are Burwood Beach and Half Moon Beach.

The closest option is Burwood Beach. There's a bar on this beach, part of the resort that covers half the land near the beach. The sand is blindingly white and unbelievably soft.

If you're interested in plenty of sand, surf and seclusion, Half Moon Beach could be just what the doctor ordered. Just 10 minutes from the popular resort town of Negril, vacationers will find a whole different kind of world at Half Moon Beach. Not busy and crowded at all, Half Moon Bay offers tranquility to visitors who need to relax without distraction. It's situated only a fast taxi ride away.

Nearby Areas

Paying a visit to the towns or communities located closest to your resort can help diversify your itinerary, no matter if you'll just be browsing their markets, or interacting with the locals while on your trip. Royalton White Sands is located in White Bay, a village near Daniel Town; it is 3.3 miles to the east of Falmouth.

The areas that are closest to Royalton White Sands are listed in the table below:

Cities, Towns, and Neighborhoods Nearby
Area Name Distance Direction
Coral Spring 0.7 SE
Daniel Town 1.9 S
Rock-Brae 2.4 WSW
Falmouth 3.3 W
Stewart Castle 3.6 E
Duncans 4.8 E
Perth Town 5.1 S
Duanvale 5.5 S
Schawfield 5.7 WSW
Salt Marsh 6.2 W

Nearby Attractions

Old Baptist Manse

Vacationers in need of a fun agenda during their trip to Jamaica will quickly learn that Royalton White Sands is in a lovely location that's both active and serene. As a matter of fact, this particular region boasts plenty of places for travelers to explore, such as Water Square, Fort Balcarres, and Outameni Theme Park, to name a few. The nearest attraction of the three is Water Square.

When it comes to finding area attractions that are just right for your family, it's best to know all your options, like those listed in the following table.

Attractions Near Royalton White Sands
Attraction Type Distance Direction Location
Water Square Park 2.9 W Falmouth
Fort Balcarres Historical Site 2.9 W Falmouth
Outameni Theme Park Museum 3.2 W Falmouth
Albert George Market Historical Site 3.3 W Falmouth
Davidson House Historical Site -- -- Falmouth
Falmouth Court House Historical Site -- -- Falmouth
Good Hope Great House Historical Site -- -- Falmouth
Martha Brae Waterwheel Historical Site -- -- Falmouth
Old Baptist Manse Historical Site -- -- Falmouth
Phoenix Foundry Historical Site -- -- Falmouth
St. Peter's Anglican Church Historical Site -- -- Falmouth
Tharp House Historical Site -- -- Falmouth
Outameni Experience Museum 0.7 S 3.3 mi. East-Southeast of Falmouth
Greenwood Great House Historical Site 8.8 W 5.5 mi. West of Falmouth
Rose Hall Plantation Historical Site 13.9 W Rose Hall

If you're searching for an interesting place to visit, Fort Balcarres might be worth a visit. Built originally some time before 1774, the fort was reconstructed several times, not because of its destruction in attacks, but because the government kept changing their mind of where the fort should be. From 1774 to 1800 it changed location at least three times; an average of at least once every eight and a half years.

Nearby Accommodations

Finding information about nearby booking options is generally an excellent means of getting a better feel for the area as whole. Even though you might only find a handful of other hotel and resort options in this part of Jamaica, its tranquil surroundings make it a nice choice for travelers seeking a secluded vacation spot. In order to get additional info on hotel booking options available in the region, consult the table below.

Accommodations near Royalton White Sands
Accommodation Distance Direction Location
Retreat Guesthouse Luxury Suites 0.1 WSW White Bay, Jamaica
Franklyn D. Resort 0.4 NW 3.0 mi. East of Falmouth, Jamaica
Fisherman's Inn 1.3 W 2.0 mi. East of Falmouth, Jamaica

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