Falmouth Taxis

Let a local drive you around Falmouth

Thanks to dangerous road conditions, taxis are the most recommended form of transportation in Jamaica. Numerous regulations have been put in place over the years to ensure that tourists enjoy not only friendly and affordable, but safe taxi services as well. You can hire a cab to take you from place to place with confidence during your stay in Falmouth.

Taxi Companies

Hiring a taxi in Falmouth can take some getting used to, as there are two official types of taxis, and a third illegal type of taxi to choose from. The official taxi services are called charter taxis (also sometimes referred to as tourist taxis) and route taxis.

Charter taxis are similar to the private taxis you are probably used to back home. They pick up one group of people who are traveling together and take them wherever they desire (within the bounds of their services) for a set price that has been agreed upon before departure. You can recognize these taxis by their red license plates with white lettering. Route taxis, meanwhile, treat the service as a smaller bus route. They drive to and from specific points making predetermined stops along the way to pick up more travelers. These taxis have white license plates rather than the red that the charters are known for.

Both of these types of taxis are legally obligated to be licensed and insured, and you'll know you've encountered a legal taxi by checking for the letters “PP” or “PPV” on the license plate. The third type of taxi, the illegal kind, are run out of local drivers personal vehicles, with no licensing or insurance. These are typically people who've decided to pick up a few people to get a little extra under the table cash. It is recommended that you steer clear of these drivers.

...steer clear of these drivers...


When you arrive in Jamaica, you'll find cab drivers milling around the airport in abundance. In Falmouth, they are almost always available at major tourist attractions, however, if you don't see one on the streets you can always call to have a driver pick you up.

Bryon's Taxi Transfers is the only taxi service listed on our guide. You can contact them at (876) 391-4914; they are located in the heart of Falmouth.

The majority of legal taxi drivers in Falmouth have undergone training to become certified by the Jamaica Tourist Board as part of the Jamaica Union of Travellers Association (JUTA). Drivers with this certification are known as experts in giving tours, and can be hired by you to take them on a tour of Falmouth or anywhere else in Jamaica for a time at a later date.

Rates, Fares, and Fees

Falmouth's taxis are not metered, instead, they offer set rates. Charters set the rates themselves, charge by the group, and accept U.S. Dollars, while route taxis have rates that have been set by the government, charge on a person to person basis, and only accept Jamaican Dollars. Regardless of which type of vehicle you're in, confirm the price of the trip with your driver before you get in. Prices are almost always negotiable, so don't be afraid to respectfully haggle.

While it is hard to know exactly how much each taxi service will charge, the chart below will give you an idea of how much you can expect to spend.

Estimated Taxi Fairs from Falmouth
Distance TravelledEstimated Fare
Less than .40 of a mile $3.00 (USD)
1 Mile $4.95 (USD)
2 Miles $6.90 (USD)
3 Miles $8.85 (USD)
4 Miles $10.80 (USD)
5 Miles $9.75 (USD)
10 Miles $22.50 (USD)
15 Miles $32.25 (USD)
20 Miles $42.00 (USD)
30 Miles $61.50 (USD)

Wondering what taxi rides cost? Check out the following table.

Typical Fares Around Falmouth
Typical Cost (USD) Location A Location B
$ 27.90 - $ 28.25 Falmouth Rio Bueno
$ 46.50 - $ 47.00 Downtown Montego Bay Falmouth
$ 83.20 - $ 96.00 Downtown Ocho Rios Falmouth
$ 27.30 - $ 28.60 Falmouth Braco Airstrip
$ 9.10 - $ 9.75 Falmouth Falmouth Cruise Terminal
$ 134.25 - $ 154.50 Negril Beach Hotel Zone Falmouth
$ 138.75 - $ 160.00 Negril Falmouth
$ 250.00 Falmouth Cruise Terminal Black River
$ 150.00 Falmouth Cruise Terminal Negril
$ 90.00 Falmouth Cruise Terminal Ocho Rios
$ 70.00 Falmouth Cruise Terminal Grand Bahia Principe Jamaica
$ 55.00 Falmouth Cruise Terminal Half Moon Club
$ 40.00 Falmouth Cruise Terminal Iberostar Grand Hotel Rose Hall
$ 55.00 Sangster International Airport Falmouth
$ 90.00 Falmouth Cruise Terminal Dunn's River Park
$ 80.00 Falmouth Cruise Terminal St. Ann's Bay
$ 60.00 Falmouth Cruise Terminal Sangster International Airport

Taxis are easy to come by in Falmouth, but you have to know which taxis are legitimate, and which are out to pull in some quick cash. Keep an eye on those license plates and you'll get by just fine.


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