Taxis in Fort de France

Taxis are recommended in Fort de France, but costly

For many tourists, their first experience with transportation in Fort de France will be to take a taxi from the airport to their hotel.  Fortunately, the taxis are clean and comfortable and offer a smooth ride.  Unfortunately, it is not cheap to hail a cab.  

Taxi Companies

A taxi ride through Fort de France is something of a luxury experience.  Most of the vehicles driven by local operators are high end vehicles like a Mecedes-Benz.  If you're traveling with a large party or simply want to treat yourself, you can even hire a limousine to take you around.  One thing to be aware of is that due to the demands of the Taxi Union, public transportation is not available from Aimé Césaire Airport.  This means that if you don't rent a car and your hotel doesn't offer a pick up and drop off service, you'll need to take a taxi to get to your accommodations.  

Rates, Fares, and Fees

The most important thing to know about taxis in Fort de France is that they are all metered.  If you get into a cab that does not have a meter and wants to settle on a flat rate with you, that means you have encountered an illegal operator and you should exit the vehicle immediately.  To get from the airport to a hotel in Fort de France will usually cost between $29 and $40(USD).  You can also inquire with your driver about a tour of the area, which will cost somewhere around $50(USD).

In addition to the standard fare, prices are increased by 40 percent between 8:00 p.m. and 6:00 a.m., and you'll want to tip your driver 15 percent of your total bill.

Curious about local taxi rates? Take a look at this chart.

Typical Fares Around Fort de France
Typical Cost (USD) Location A Location B
$ 53.30 - $ 59.85 Fort De France Sainte Marie
$ 83.75 - $ 118.00 Fort De France Sainte-Anne
$ 121.00 - $ 171.75 Fort De France Basse-Pointe
$ 69.25 - $ 97.25 Fort De France Trois Ilets
$ 86.50 - $ 121.75 Fort De France Pointe Du Bout
$ 81.75 - $ 115.00 Fort De France Diamant
$ 74.50 - $ 104.50 Fort De France Le Carbet
$ 12.00 - $ 13.50 Fort De France Aimé Césaire Airport
$ 60.00 - $ 67.35 Pointe Simon Cruise Dock Pointe Du Bout
$ 52.00 - $ 58.35 Pointe Simon Cruise Dock Trois Ilets
$ 12.00 - $ 13.50 Pointe Simon Cruise Dock Galleria Commercial Center
$ 4.00 - $ 4.50 Pointe Simon Cruise Dock Covered Market
$ 29.25 - $ 42.00 Aimé Césaire Airport Fort De France
$ 25.30 - $ 28.45 Pointe Simon Cruise Dock Fond Boucher Beach
$ 16.00 - $ 17.95 Pointe Simon Cruise Dock Aimé Césaire Airport
$ 17.30 - $ 19.50 Pointe Simon Cruise Dock Balata Botanical Gardens

Knowing this information about taxi services in Fort de France will make a world of difference as you begin planning for your vacation in this busy city.  Make sure to leave a little extra room in your budget for transportation costs due to the high cab fare, but relax knowing that the service does come highly recommended thanks to good drivers and a comfortable ride. 


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