Fort de France Transportation Options

Transportation is key to maximizing your time in Fort de France

The political, commercial, and cultural center of Martinique, Fort de France is the home to all things transportation.  Whether you fly or sail in, and no matter what type of local ground transport you choose to use, it is all based out of this busy town.

Air Travel

Home to the island's international airport, Fort de France is the arrival point for most people visiting the island. Aimé Césaire Airport is the name of the facility, which is actually located in a suburb of the town, and you can book flights here from the United States, France, Canada, and several islands in the Caribbean.  Most likely you'll have to arrange a connection, which you can learn about here


Fort de France is the island's official port of entry for sailors arriving from international waters, but you don't have to bring your own boat to enjoy time on the water here. You can also charter a boat for a few hours to a few days when you arrive or even sign up or an excursion and let someone else do the sailing.  All of your options are reviewed in our guide to Sailing and Boating in Fort de France


Just a few minutes from the heart of Fort de France is a Passenger Terminal that welcomes major cruise lines several times a week during the height of tourist season.  In recent years, the town also opened Pointe Simon Cruise Dock which allows ships to dock at the middle of town as well.  Martinique is a popular cruise destination, so you'll find most major liners and a few of the lesser-known, smaller ships dock here regularly also.  

Rental Cars

It could cost anywhere from $30 to $120(USD) to rent a car in Fort de France, and there are several different contract options to be aware of as you review your options.  The good news is, road conditions are good and many tourists report feeling confident driving here.  Everything you need to know about renting a car in this busy town can be learned here


The taxis in Fort de France offer their passengers a comfortable, luxury experience.  That experience, however, comes at a cost.  Just to travel from the airport to your hotel in town could cost anywhere from $25 to $50(USD), and that doesn't include the tip.  Prices are high, but avoiding driving in a foreign country, you won't find a more reliable service.  Learn more by clicking here.


The buses in Fort de France are actually called Taxi Collectifs, and are mini buses that can be recognized by the “TC” on the license plate.  There are bus stops throughout town marked by a blue sign with a white bus on it, in addition to a bus terminal in Pointe Sinon.  Buses cost anywhere from five to nine Euros depending on where they are traveling to, and their routes are listed on the side door. Details about the routes can be found here.


Fort de France offers daily ferries that travel around the bay to Pointe du Bout, Anse Mitan, Anse a L'an, and Trois Ilet, allowing passengers to avoid traffic on the ground.  There are also ferries that travel to Dominica,St. Lucia, and Guadeloupe several days a week.  Get information about schedules and fares by clicking here

From the time you arrive in Fort de France to the time you leave, you'll spend your time moving from one place to another, checking out all that this town has to offer.  This is why knowing what your options are with regards to transportation is so important.  Preparation is key in making the most of your getaway. 


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