Frederiksted Attractions

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Operating under a slower pace of life than nearby Christiansted, St. Croix's Frederiksted still enjoys many of the same types of attractions that draw visitors to the busier port.  Frederiksted is home to its own historic district, which is dominated by a military fort but also houses museums.  If being outdoors is important to you, there is a beautiful park in town and a few other natural attractions outside of city limits.  Of course, the beaches can't be overlooked.  While most seasoned tourists would say that Frederiksted can easily be explored in just one day, it is recommended that you give the beaches a day or two all their own. 


Sandy Point Beach

You will find a large selection of beaches to consider visiting in and around the area. Snorkeling is an option at several locations, if some members of your party enjoy the underwater scene. Just click on the beach names for detailed information about that individual beach.

If you are hoping to go snorkeling, a beach offering that option is Sandy Point Beach. Clear blue water on one side, and the wildlife refuge on the other, Sandy Point is a quiet and secluded beach that is perfect for laying out in the sun, snorkeling, and exploring. The beach itself is occasionally visited by a variety of wildlife, including sea turtles.

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Another good option for snorkelers is La Grange. La Grange, located on St. Croix, is a beautiful beach that is good for swimming and has some snorkeling areas. Beach chairs and umbrellas are free and promote lounging on the shores.

Dorsch Beach: Sandy Point is accessible via Veterans Shore Drive and is accessible via bicycle, car, and foot. Empty lots make for excellent parking spots and the roads coastline location make for a wonderful bicycle route.

These examples are merely a few of the places worth checking out To read a more detailed discussion of this specific topic, navigate to this guide.

Landmark Attractions

Fort Frederik

An interesting landmark worth visiting is Caribbean Museum Center for the Arts. It is located in the heart of Frederiksted. Set in a historic building on the Frederiksted waterfront, the Caribbean Museum Center for the Arts (CMCArts) is not only a museum, but a cultural center at which local residents can enjoy arts and culture. Art classes are filled regularly, guest lecturers stop by for Q&As;, and many performances occur on CMCArts grounds.

Another common landmark for vacationers is Fort Frederik. It is located in the heart of Frederiksted. Built in the 1700's by the Colonial Danish Government, Fort Frederik originally stood to defend the western coast against invasion from other European powers. Rather than wars and sieges, Fort Frederik is today remembered as the site of the Emancipation Revolt in 1848 and the Labor Riot in 1878, both which paved the way for free and fair labor laws on St. Croix.

Estate Whim Museum: Those who pay for admission will be given a tour through the sugar mill and will be able to explore how critical this industry was, as well as the effect it had on daily life. The 12-Acre site includes a number of restored buildings and various collections of artifacts from throughout St. Croix's history.

The area offers additional places to see. To navigate to our detailed page about other interesting places to visit in and around Frederiksted, go to this article.

Nature Preserves and Hiking

Sandy Point National Wildlife Refuge

Do you hope to enjoy more of your vacation outdoors? You may be happy to learn the area has a couple of nature preserves nearby.

Sandy Point National Wildlife Refuge is a nature preserve located 2.3 mi. South-Southwest of central Frederiksted. Sandy Point National Wildlife Refuge is an island located southwest of St. Croix. You can access it by boat.

View the following table for a list of nature preserves .

Nature Preserves and Hiking Near Frederiksted
Name Type Location
Butler Bay Nature Preserve Nature Sanctuary/Wildlife Reserve 2.7 mi. North of Central Frederiksted
Sandy Point National Wildlife Refuge Nature Sanctuary/Wildlife Reserve 2.3 mi. South-Southwest of Central Frederiksted

Parks and Botanical Gardens

Saint George Village Botanical Gardens

Guests can enjoy a park, as well as a botanical garden in and around Frederiksted.

Buddhoe Park is located in the heart of Frederiksted. Named after the great emancipator of St. Croix Moses Buddhoe Gottlieb, this is a laid back urban park that makes for a nice stroll to compliment a day of exploration. Those who visit the park will be able to follow small trails, relax on benches, and observe the bust of Buddhoe Gottlieb, who on July 3, 1848 gathered 6000 slaves and demanded freedom.

Another popular choice in this category is Saint George Village Botanical Gardens. St. George Village Botanical Garden will give you a tour of some of the indigenous species of plant life found on the island, as well as educate you on some of the ecological and environmental issues facing St. Croix.

The parks and gardens available are shown down below.

Parks and Gardens In and Around Frederiksted
Name Type Location
Buddhoe Park Park Central Frederiksted
Saint George Village Botanical Gardens Botanical Garden 3.4 mi. East of Central Frederiksted

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