Frederiksted Taxis

Frederiksted is teeming with taxis

Thanks to Frederiksted being the home to St. Croix's cruise port, this tourism center is very popular amongst the island's taxi drivers. This means that tourists will rarely having trouble finding a cab in the area. Some will caution that using a cab as your main form of transportation can be pricey; others feel it is well-worth the convenience.

Taxi Companies

Taxis in Frederiksted are not what you might expect a taxi to be. Rather than four passenger private taxis, these vehicles are actually six to 12 passenger vans that will continue to pick up passengers along their route until the vehicle is full. Rates are set rather than metered, and go down for each individual based upon the cab's occupancy. If you're arriving in Frederiksted via the cruise port, you'll likely encounter a cab right away, and if not you'll find the taxi stands centralized on Strand Street.

These vans will have dome lights or taxi signs on the roof and the letters “TX” on the license plate. They will also have a sign the will be lit or unlit to indicate if they are currently accepting new passengers, and licensed drivers will have their license prominently displayed it the front of the vehicle. If this is not the case, you have probably encountered a “gypsy taxi,” which is an unlicensed driver operating a taxi service out of their personal vehicle. These should be avoided.

Rates, Fares, and Fees

As previously mentioned, taxis in Frederiksted are not metered. Rates are set based upon departure point and the location in which you will be dropped off, also taking into consideration how many passengers are traveling at once.

The table below lists typical taxi fares for this area.

Typical Fares Around Frederiksted
Typical Cost (USD) Location A Location B
$ 24.00 Downtown Christiansted Frederiksted
$ 20.00 Ann E. Abramson Pier Sion Farm
$ 15.00 Ann E. Abramson Pier Grove Place
$ 9.00 - $ 10.00 Ann E. Abramson Pier Renaissance Carambola Beach Resort & Spa
$ 15.00 Ann E. Abramson Pier Divi Carina Bay Resort & Casino
$ 27.00 Ann E. Abramson Pier Davis Bay
$ 20.00 Ann E. Abramson Pier Sunny Isle Shopping Center
$ 4.00 - $ 4.50 Ann E. Abramson Pier Butler Bay
$ 15.00 Ann E. Abramson Pier Estate Mount Washington Plantation
$ 11.00 Ann E. Abramson Pier Butler Bay Nature Preserve
$ 3.00 Ann E. Abramson Pier La Grange
$ 12.00 Ann E. Abramson Pier Henry E Rohlsen Airport
$ 10.00 Ann E. Abramson Pier Saint George Village Botanical Gardens

Be aware that these rates change every few months, so you may encounter something slightly different when you arrive on the island.

In addition to the rates listed above, you will be charged an additional $2(USD) per person for traveling between the hours of midnight and 6:00 a.m. Other extra charges are as follows:

  • $2(USD) per piece of luggage.

  • $20 per small pet kennel and $30(USD) per large pet kennel.

  • $1(USD) per minute if the taxi has to wait on you after the first five minutes, which are free.

  • The rate of four passengers if you'd like a private ride.

Another service that taxis in Frederiksted offer is island tours. Each taxi company has its own designated tour offerings and prices. St. Croix Taxi Association, for example, has two tour options that begin in Frederiksted and head towards Christiansted via different routes stopping along the way at various points of interest. These tours last for three hours and cost $100(USD) for four passengers. Contact your preferred company for rates.

If it is merited, feel free to tip your driver. The going rate is between 10 and 15 percent, which you can decide upon based off your experience with the driver.

Whether you hop off a cruise ship and head to the taxi stand for a tour of the island, or you are staying in town and will use taxi services to get from place to place, the options available in Frederiksted are well regulated and trustworthy.


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