Frederiksted Transportation Options

Sail in, drive around, and get your fill of Frederiksted

Known locally as “Freedom Town,” Frederiksted is frequented by tourists who revel in strolling through the streets and taking in the Victorian era architecture while enjoying the slow pace of life. Cruising and sailing are the only ways to gain direct access to this town, though many prefer to fly, and once you arrive you'll have to decide how best to get around.

Getting There

As the location of the island's main cruise ship port, Frederiksted sees a lot of tourists arrive by sea. This doesn't take away from the large number that also make it to the island via the nearby airport, but it does expand the number of options available to tourists trying to determine how to get to the town.

Getting Around

Thanks to being home to the island's cruise port, taxis and buses are popular options in Frederiksted, but tourists who have arrived on the island to stay awhile may prefer the ease and affordability of renting a vehicle.

Air Travel

The nearest airport to Frederiksted is the Henry E Rohlsen Airport (HERA) located just four miles away from town. The airport is fortunate enough to receive direct flights from many locations in the region as well as Miami, Atlanta, and Charlotte in the United States. The 10,004 foot asphalt runway is capable of handling jets as large as the Boeing 747 from such far away locations, but still many tourists will have to make at least one stop on the way.

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Frederiksted, located on the western coast of St. Croix, is mostly known as a port for the occasional cruise ship. In addition to these larger vessels, Frederiksted is open to private boats and sailing charters that come from any of the surrounding islands. In fact, sailing is a popular way to get to St. Croix in general, especially since it is the only one of the three major islands of USVI that does not currently have ferry serivice. Thus if you were hoping to island hope to Frederiksted, boating is really your only option.

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After years welcoming more cruise ships than it could handle, the cruise port in Frederiksted had become dingy, unkempt, and even dangerous. Soon, the number of cruises that would sail into the area each year dwindled, and the Public Works Department knew something had to be done. Headed by Ann E. Abramson, for whom the pier is now named, millions of dollars were poured into revitalizing the area, with great success. Now, around 10 cruises dock in Frederiksted each month, and the town welcomes cruise lines including Celebrity, RCI, Silver Seas and Holland America warmly.

The Pier is 1,526 feet long, which is just enough space to allow two cruise ships to tie there at the same time. Once tourists deboard, they are greeted by a kiosk filled with information about the area, public restrooms, and signs indicating which way to go for shopping, rental cars, taxis, and buses.

Rental Cars

Thanks to its Dutch roots, driving in Frederiksted and around the rest of St. Croix is done on the left side of the island like in most of Europe, which can take a bit of adjusting for drivers from the United States. Thankfully, the first few roads you'll drive on will likely be paved, since some of the island's better roads are located in this town. As you venture out, you'll begin to notice more and more roads are less structurally sound, and many are not paved at all. This is why it is recommended that a jeep or sports utility vehicle be your rental of choice. There are plenty available, ranging in price from $50 to $150(USD) a day, though you can get a four-passenger car for as low as $30(USD). You'll learn more about renting a car in Frederiksted when you click here.


On cruise days especially there are always taxis traveling around Frederiksted ready to pick up passengers and transport them around town as well as around the island. If you don't encounter one immediately as you're making your way around town, head to Strand Street where most local taxi companies are located.

Taxis on the island have set rates, which lowers the rate of haggling between driver and passenger, as well as helps to prevent drivers taking advantage of tourists who don't know any better. You'll always know exactly how much you're going to pay in advance, so the pressure is off.

When you click here, you'll be taken to our guide to Taxis in Frederiksted, which features information about how to recognize and contact taxis, as well as full charts with price listings.


If patience if your virtue, you may just find the Vitran Public Bus System a great choice for you. At just $1(USD) per person, per trip, the bus is the cheapest transportation option on the island by a long shot, however, the buses are not very reliable and if you miss your bus, you may find yourself waiting for more than two hours for another one to drive by.

The bus begins its rounds every day at 5:30 a.m., running from Christiansted to Frederiksted along Route 75 and then Route 70. Stops are made in between at the Golden Rock Shopping Center, Sunny Isle Shopping Center, Ville La Reine, Saint George Village Botanical Gardens, and Estate Whim Museum. Service wraps up at 9:00 p.m., and is not available on Sundays.


There are currently no ferry services traveling to or from Frederiksted, or anywhere else on St. Croix for that matter. Keep an ear open, because this status is likely to change at any point in the future.

By air or by sea, those are your choices when it comes to getting to Frederiksted, and from there you'll be able to choose between renting a car, hailing a cab, riding the bus, or maybe doing a little bit of all three. There are sites to see, restaurants to be reviewed, and memories to be made however you choose to get around.


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