Boating and Sailing Near Freeport

Despite the short distance from the United States, you will not find many public marinas in Freeport

Just a short sail from Florida, Freeport is second only to Nassau in terms of tourism in the Bahamas. Etched with winding canals lined with docks, boats are a common mode of transportation for people living on and visiting Freeport. With that said, most of the activities in Freeport are land based, and you may not find as many charters, marinas, and excursions as you'd expect for the Bahamas.

If you just want to get out onto the water, without the stress and cost involved with renting a boat you should take a day sailing excursion. Curious about day sailing options? Check out the table that follows to get contact phone numbers for area day sailing companies.

Boat Excursions
Name Phone Location
Exotic Adventures (242) 374-2278 W Explorer's Way - Downtown Freeport
Reef Tours (242) 373-5880 Port Lucaya
Sunn Odyssey (242) 373-4014 Sunn Odyssey Divers - William's Town


...70 miles off the coast of Florida...


Freeport is home to several private marinas with connections to yacht clubs or resorts that make it a huge draw for yachters. The fact that the island of Grand Bahama is just 70 miles off the coast of Florida and it takes less than eight hours to get there helps as well. If you're sailing to Freeport, head to one of the local ports-of-entry, which includes Bell Channel Bay and Freeport Harbour with your yellow quarantine flag flying to let customs officials know you'll be in need of inspection. When you are greeted by customs, you'll be required to show proof of citizenship from your country of origin, a passport, and another form of photo identification. Each passenger on board will also be required to fill out an immigration form. You will then be charged between $150 and $300(USD) depending upon the length of your boat for four passengers to obtain a cruising permit, fishing permit, and your departure fee. Additional passengers will drive the price up.

Starting to research traveling to Freeport using your own vessel, or a charter from a different location? This chart contains a list of marinas in the area.

Name Phone Location
Bell Channel Marina (242) 373-2673 2.5 mi. (4.0 km) East of Freeport
Grand Bahama Yacht Club (242) 373-8888 2.5 mi. (4.0 km) East of Freeport
Ocean Reef Marina (242) 373-4661 Ocean Reef Resort And Yacht Club - William's Town
Port Lucaya Marina (242) 373-9090 Port Lucaya Marketplace - Port Lucaya
Sunrise Resort Marina (800) 932-4959 ext. 4010 Sunrise Resort And Marina - 2.1 mi. (3.4 km) South-Southwest of Freeport

Sailing may not be as popular in Freeport as elsewhere in the Bahamas, but there are still plenty of ways to take advantage of the gorgeous waters that surround Grand Bahama Island. Whether you've got the skills to sail yourself or simply want to spend a few hours out to sea, it isn't hard to make it happen here.


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