Freeport Taxis

Taxis are plentiful in Freeport

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Renting a car is not always a necessity for tourists staying in Freeport, and taxis pick up the slack when transportation is necessary. On this part of Grand Bahama, they are easy to come by and are known for their amiable service.

Taxi Companies

It isn't hard to find a taxi in Freeport, especially since the airport and the docks are located in town and drivers know they'll have the greatest success sticking to island entry points.

Of course, shopping centers, resort areas, and beaches are also known taxi haunts as well. If for some reason you can't find a taxi, give a local company a call and they will send someone to pick you up.

Use this next table to call local taxi services whenever you are needing transportation.

Taxi Services
Name Phone Location
Grand Bahama Taxi Union (242) 352-7101 Freeport
H. Forbes Charter Service (242) 352-9311 International Bazaar - 1.3 mi. (2.1 km) West of Freeport

Rates, Fares, and Fees

Depending upon which cab you get in, you could be charged a totally different amount than the cab next to it. This is because some cabs are metered, while others operate using government set rates that are non-negotiable and based upon departure and arrival points. You can ask the driver to see the rate card before you take off so you know exactly how much you'll be charged on arrival.

If you hail a metered cab, you'll pay $3 for two passengers as a base price, than $0.40(USD) per mile traveled. Additional passengers will cost extra, as does storing luggage in the trunk (beyond the two pieces allotted per person to begin with). If you're worried about the cost, simply ask your driver and he or she will explain how the rates work.

Wanting to know what you'll pay to use a cab? Look at the following array of data.

Typical Fares Around Freeport
Typical Cost (USD) Location A Location B
$ 6.78 Port Lucaya Grand Bahama International Airport
$ 8.84 Downtown Freeport Port Lucaya
$ 6.44 Downtown Freeport Regency Theatre
$ 11.88 Downtown Freeport Pier One Restaurant
$ 68.52 Downtown Freeport Pelican Point Beach
$ 36.84 Downtown Freeport Lacayan National Park
$ 6.84 Downtown Freeport Bahamas Princess Ruby Course
$ 6.95 Downtown Freeport Grand Bahama International Airport
$ 4.00 Freeport Cruise Port Castaways Resort & Suites
$ 4.00 Freeport Cruise Port Island Resort By Evrentals
$ 5.00 Freeport Cruise Port Ocean Reef Resort And Yacht Club
$ 4.50 Freeport Cruise Port Sunrise Resort And Marina
$ 5.00 Freeport Cruise Port William's Town Beach
$ 7.12 Freeport Harbour Terminal One Bahamas Princess Ruby Course
$ 11.08 Freeport Harbour Terminal One Grand Bahama International Airport
$ 4.50 Freeport Cruise Port Xanadu Beach

Driver's depend on tips as a main part of their income, so make sure you reward for excellent service. The amount you offer is at your discretion, but 15 to 20 percent is common.

Skip the car rental and rely on local transportation to get you around Freeport. Taxi drivers are friendly and will get you around with ease.


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