Frigate Bay Taxis

Leave the driving to a local as you enjoy Frigate Bay

Not everyone feels comfortable driving themselves around in a foreign country, and due to age restrictions often imposed by rental car agencies, not everyone is allowed to rent a car. These people will often turn to taxis as their main source of transportion.

Taxi Companies

In Frigate Bay, taxis are easy to come by. You'll often find them circling around outside of popular nightspots, shopping centers, and accommodations. However, if you cannot hail one, it is possible to call a company and arrange for a pick-up. Just know that there may be a fee for this service.

If you happen to be somewhere where you can't seem to find a taxi, contact one of the phone numbers found below.

Taxi Services
Name Phone Location
Kittitian Taxi & Tours (869) 762-8994 Downtown Basseterre
Rose and Jim's Taxi & Tour Service (869) 664-6202 Downtown Basseterre
Tatem's Taxi Service (869) 662-1129 Trafalgar Village - Downtown Basseterre

Taxis look a little different in Frigate Bay than what you are probably used to. Here, they are often minivans and minibuses, with yellow tags marked with the letter “H.” Despite the differences, you shouldn't have trouble picking them out in a crowd.

Rates, Fares, and Fees

The most important thing to know about taxis here is that they are un-metered. Rates for every location are set in advance and posted at the airport and Marina at Port Zante in Basseterre, but if you're traveling from Frigate Bay you'll just have to ask your driver to see a rate card and settle on a fare before you drive off.

Taxi drivers here can also serve as tour guides, so if you want to drop about $80(USD), you can have you driver take you and up to three other people around the island for two and a half hours and show you all of the most important sites.

As you can imagine, taking a taxi instead of renting a car helps relieve the stress of driving in a foreign city. For anyone looking to let a local do the driving, or plan on enjoying the island's nightlife, arranging a taxi service is a good idea.


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