Attractions in Georgetown

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Georgetown is not a popular cruise destination for nothing.  The area attraction are what brings ships here in droves, dropping guests off to explore everything from the gorgeous area beaches to historic landmarks, and even natural sites which range from a turtle farm to a shipwreck. 


Smith's Cove

You'll find a large number of beaches to consider in and around the area. Click on the name of the beach for detailed information about that beach.

Smith's Cove: Extraordinary snorkeling opportunities are available at Smith's Cove and trees line the small beach, providing large pockets of shade. It's sometimes populated with Cayman locals.

Another place for beach-goers to consider is South Sound. The southwestern-most point of Grand Cayman, South Sand Beach is a pink beach with clear, calm waters. A unique feature of this beach is its proximity to a cemetery.

Seven Mile Beach: Seven Mile Beach is one of the largest and most popular beaches on Grand Cayman. Visitors can engage in all sorts of water sports but swimming and snorkeling are the favorites in these calm waters.

These are just a sample of the available choices. To read a more detailed discussion of beaches, navigate to this page.

Landmark Attractions

Cayman Islands National Museum

National Trust Visitor Center is a museum The Centre is open from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Another interesting landmark worth visiting is Cayman Islands National Museum. It is located in downtown Georgetown. This national museum has diverse collections and features exhibits on various topics, from a collection of Cayman artwork to a natural history collection full of fossils of sea critters.

Fort George: Visitors will find Fort George mostly in ruins, and a tour guide may tell tale of three canons that can no longer be traced, as well as four solid walls that were only about five feet tall each. At one time, local school children would play in the sandy grounds, and it did serve as a lookout point during World War II, but has otherwise seen no action throughout its history on the island.

But that's not all -- you'll find other landmark attractions. Click to find our page about other interesting places to visit in and around the area.

Natural Attractions

Governor Gore's Bird Sanctuary

One of the more popular outdoor tourist attractions is Governor Gore's Bird Sanctuary. With over 200 different species of bird, Governor Gore's Bird Sanctuary is a destination of choice for birdwatchers that find themselves in the Cayman Islands.

Another site you might want to consider is Kittiwake Shipwreck And Artificial Reef. Kittiwake Shipwreck and Artificial Reef is the remains of the sunken ship Kittiwake, which is now developing into an artificial reef. With the assistance of licensed diver operators, tourists are invited to snorkel and scuba dive around the wreck.

Needless to say, you can find plenty of other choices. If you'd like to get more details concerning natural attractions nearby, can easily do so by visiting this page.


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