Scuba Diving Near Georgetown

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One of the most famous shallow dive sites in the world is located in the North Sound, just a short ride away from Georgetown: Stingray City.  This site only goes 12 feet deep, but it is such a spectacular site that it can't be missed. Of course, there are also numerous dive sites that go up to and exceed 100 feet, so your options are plentiful. 

As you plan your dive experience, note that Grand Cayman is the top of a mountain chain and the Cayman Trench is as deep as Mount Everest is high. Because of safety and CITA Guidelines, however, divers are typically not allowed deeper than 100 feet.

There are 4 dive operators, a variety of dive shops, and at least 16 different dive sites in the area.

Dive Operators and Shops

The dive shops worth looking into are provided here:

Dive Shops Near Georgetown
Name Phone Location
Cayman Diving College (345) 945-1611 Georgetown
Deep Blue Divers (345) 916-1293 Georgetown
Divers Down (345) 945-1611 Georgetown
Eden Rock Diving Center (345) 949-7243 0.3 mi. South West of Downtown Georgetown
Lobster Pot Dive Center (345) 946-8685 0.5 mi. North of Downtown Georgetown

If you're ready to dive, you can check with Sunset Diving. In addition to dive excursions, you an also sign up for PADI training and certification with Sunset House. If you're traveling with those who prefer to snorkel, they are welcome to tag along on dive excursions knowing that there is a cost involved in this opportunity. They are found within Georgetown.

Another option is Epic Divers. Catering to cruise line passengers looking for an "epic" excursions, business professionals in need of team building, and even families, Epic Divers believes in making every experience easily customizable and personal. Despite being one of the newest dive facilities on the island, it has already won the praise of many. You can reach them at (345) 526-5020.

Still another option is Don Fosters Dive Cayman. Having been in operation since 1982, Don Fosters Dive exists as one of the most well-established and respected dive centers on the island. A professional and knowledgeable team is available every day of the week for open water dives to the area's top attractions, and shore dives are available as well. They're found within Georgetown.

The chart just below enables you to learn a few details regarding area dive operators.

Dive Operators Near Georgetown
Name Phone Location
Absolute Divers (345) 916-4133 Georgetown
Don Fosters Dive Cayman (345) 945-5132 Georgetown
Epic Divers (345) 526-5020 Georgetown
Sunset Diving (345) 949-7111 0.8 mi. South West of Downtown Georgetown

Dive Services

Take a look at the following chart to learn more about the typical cost of dive services in this area.

Dive Services
Offering Type Low Rate High Rate
Discover Scuba $ 95.0 $ 175.0
Double Tank Dive $ 100.0 $ 120.0
Night Dive $ 55.0 $ 70.0
Open Water Certification $ 340.0 $ 500.0
Single Tank Dive $ 55.0 $ 100.0

Dive Sites

Some information concerning some of the area's major dive sites are shown in the table below.

Dive Sites Near Georgetown
Name Quality Experience Max Depth Latitude Longitude
Black Forest Very Good Open Water / CMAS * 80.1 19.2711666667 -81.3955
Blackie's Hole -- -- -- 19.27228 -81.3956
Bullwinkle West Very Good -- -- 19.26561 -81.36148
Dede's Garden Very Good -- -- 19.26405 -81.3742
Devil's Grotto Fair -- 49.9 19.2925687521 -81.3879846462
Eagle Ray Rock -- -- 70.0 19.27406 -81.3952
Eden Rock Fair -- 40.0 19.29315 -81.3871
Fish Pot Reef Very Good -- -- 19.30008 -81.3853
Gary's Wall -- -- -- 19.26375 -81.36643
Hoffman's Hangout Very Good -- 65.6 19.2699833333 -81.3924666667
L.C.M. David Nicholson Very Good Open Water / CMAS * 60.0 19.28735 -81.3926166667
Smith's Cove Good -- -- 19.27576 -81.39318
Stuey's Crevasse -- -- -- 19.27268 -81.3933
Sunset reef Good -- 69.9 19.2863 -81.3914166667
Wreck of the Balboa Good -- -- 19.29733 -81.38626
Wreck of the Gamma -- -- -- 19.3086665307 -81.3866865635

For more information about snorkeling, including suggestions and helpful tips for both experienced divers and beginners, read this comprehensive Caribbean diving article.


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