Georgetown Car Rentals

Reliable companies make adventurous, independent travel possible

With a decent amount of rental car companies in the area, most are conveniently located near the Exuma National Airport. This makes it easy to get on the road as soon as you land, instantly opening up your options to explore.

While there are many rental places located in town, you might consider your options at the airport. Costs between airport rental companies and those in town do not differ very much. Taxi costs can be high, so it might be to your advantage to rent a car as soon as you land. If immediate rental is not in your plans, you can easily take a taxi to your hotel. You may be in luck and find a rental place within walking distance of the place in which you choose to stay.

Many companies require drivers be at least 25 years of age, though some may be more lenient and lower the age to 21. Rental car policies differ between companies, so be sure to review their policies before making the trek to rent. 

View the following chart which lists the many different area rental agencies.

Vehicle Rental Companies
Name Phone Location
Avis Owen Roberts (345) 949-2468 Owen Roberts International Airport - Georgetown
Budget Rent A Car Of Grand Cayman (345) 949-5605 Airport Road - Georgetown
Cayman Auto Rentals (345) 949-1013 Church Street - Georgetown
Dollar Rent-A-Car (345) 949-4790 Owen Roberts Airport - Georgetown
Economy Car Rental (345) 949-9550 Roberts Drive - Georgetown
Gt Leasing Ltd (345) 945-3415 52 Godfrey Nixon Way - Georgetown
Hertz Owen Roberts Airport (855) 212-1713 Owen Roberts International Airport - Georgetown
Marshall's Rent A Car (345) 949-0550 Airport Plaza - Georgetown
Thrifty Georgetown (345) 949-6640 Airport Center - Georgetown

Even though you should not have any problems finding gas stations, you still may want to check out the chart right below for a picture of where some of them are located.

Gas Stations
Name Phone Location
Delworth Esso (345) 949-2748 North Church Street - Georgetown
Eastern Texaco & Starmart (345) 949-4262 Eastern Avenue - Georgetown
Esso Standard Oil S A Ltd (345) 949-8373 South Church Street - Georgetown
Mctaggart Texaco (345) 949-2120 435 Walkers Road - Georgetown
Mike Esso On The Run -- Georgetown
Scotts Landing (345) 943-3743 612 North Sound Road - Georgetown
Texaco (345) 949-0175 454 West Bay Road - Georgetown
Texaco Shedden Road (345) 945-7448 282 Shedden Road - Georgetown

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