Gosier Transportation

Gosier's transportation options are all tied to Pointe a Pitre

Located on the south side of Grande Terre, Gosier is considered to be a part of the Pointe a Pitre area, which is one of the busiest cities in Guadeloupe.  Its seaside location is what draws tourism, but when your time spent in the sand is exhausted, you'll want to know what it will take to get to some of the country's other great destinations.  Everything you could hope to learn about transportation in Gosier and Guadeloupe has been compiled for you here. 

Air Travel

Booking a flight to Gosier can take some planning because this airport is not as busy as others in the region.  Non-stop trips tend to be available once a week from different locations around the world, like Miami, London, and Montreal.  If you're traveling from within the Caribbean you'll have a much easier time booking your trip, and chartering a private flight is always a possibility as well.  Our guide to Gosier Air Travel discusses all of your options. 


Sailing to Gosier means first making a stop over in Pointe a Pitre, which is home to the island's official port of entry.  There, the captain of the boat will meet with immigration and customs officials to ensure everything is in order and gain clearance to sail around the island.  All of the details you need to approach the island properly an be found here


Ever since the work has been completed on Centre Saint-John Perse Terminal, cruising has become even more popular in Guadeloupe.  Most major cruise lines make stops here on at least a weekly basis, and fortunately, Gosier is just a few minutes away by taxi.  If you're hoping to visit Gosier as part of a cruise, you should not have any trouble making arrangements.

Rental Cars

To make the most of your vacation in Gosier, most seasoned tourists will recommend renting a car.  You can pick up your rental at the airport or have your agency of choice deliver your vehicle to you at your hotel.  Costs begin at $40(USD) a day.  For a complete listing of rental agencies in the area, costs, and a discussion of driving conditions, click here


Taxis are available in Gosier, though you'll have the best luck catching a ride if you call and have a driver pick you up.  The taxis here are mini vans and rates are high, but many still prefer to let someone local drive them around.  Find out more about this service by clicking here


Buses do travel throughout Grande Terre every day of the week with limited services on Sunday between the hours of 5:30 a.m. and 8:00 p.m.  There are three routes that stop in Gosier.  The first begins in Pointe a Pitre, stops in Gosier, then continues on to Mare Guillard, Saint Anne, Bragelogne, and finally Saint Francois.  The other beings and ends in Pointe a Pitre, making stops in Le Abymes Saint Anne, Mare Guillard, and Gosier along the way.  The cost of the trip depends on where you're headed.  


Once again in nearby Pointe a Pitre is where you'll find the possibility of taking a ferry both to the other islands in the chain and toMartinique, St. Lucia, and Dominica. L'Express des Iles is on of the major ferry lines that offer the service.   

Gosier's location near the island's hub of transportation means it benefits from every form of travel that is available in Pointe a Pitre.  Whether you want to fly or sail, drive yourself or have someone else get you around, the form of transport that best suits you is definitely a possibility here.  


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